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The Santa Barbara Real Estate Investors Association is a great opportunity to help grow your future and add value to your local community and beyond. When we say beyond we mean it! We are a local, national, and global REIA. To educate yourself on real estate investing you really need to be a member of a number of REIA’s and most importantly a local one or two. We don’t want you to go broke in the process so our REIA is FREE. How can we be a national and global REIA? We put all our meetings on so you can be in North Carolina or China and...Continue reading »

  Every bad business move that doesn’t break us makes us smarter. If you could try and fail without going broke, how long would it take you to try and succeed? Imagine being able to sit inside the safety of your own moat, in your castle, with your expenses paid and the drawbridges up and locked. Imagine being able to live comfortably while you think and plan your next strategy, never having to worry about making a living or having a J.O.B. Do you think you would come up with a good idea? Do you think you would be rested? Do you think you might even get restless?...Continue reading »

  Hosted by:  Leland von Syring – President of Charter Financial Charter Financial is a privately held company that was founded in 1997. We started small and have built our business into one of the largest purchasers of privately held notes in the country. Our business was built on the premise of offering very competitive pricing for note acquisitions and by offering our clients professional personalized service. In 1999, we made a corporate decision that revolutionized the way we do business. At that time we were relying on our own ability to locate note...Continue reading »

  Joanne Musa is a tax lien investing trainer and consultant who works with investors who are ready to build their own profitable portfolio of tax lien certificates or tax deeds. Her very informative and straightforward articles about tax lien investing appear all over the internet. Joanne has been featured on internet radio and a national financial online magazine.  She is also featured in real estate investing web sites such as,,, and, and in the book “The Venus Approach to Real Estate Investing, and...Continue reading »

  We stand to stop the system that leads to generational poverty and start a new system that leads to generational wealth.   Have you ever felt that the universe seems to be holding you back? Well, in a way it has… but it’s not the universe. It’s the “system” – the financial system to be exact. You felt it. All of us do. You work harder and harder, and have less and less to show for it. Why? It’s the financial system. It was wired to work against you. Once you “see” what the financial system looks like and how it operates, you will understand...Continue reading »

  My goal for you is simple: Bridge the gap between the product & services you offer to the goals, needs and wants of your ideal customer without being “pushy or salesy.” Translation: So you can Amplify your Voice, Position yourself as the Expert, Attracting the Clients you want regardless of your experience. Result, a life and business by design vs. default. “Nothing happens in business until a product or service of some kind is sold.  Everything else is commentary.” My friend, Brian Tracy I teach what I call, “Authentic or Prescription Based Selling,”...Continue reading »

  Loss Mitigation Solutions, LLC- ( LMS ) is a Short Sale workout and consulting Firm. We provide an exit strategy for homeowners interested in selling their real estate as an alternative to foreclosure. For a Free Alternative to Foreclosure Consultation- Contact us today and educate yourself on your options and get solid advise to make a sound decision. Specialties Short Sale Property Acquisition, Pre Foreclosure Workout, Short sale settlement, Loan Disposition solutions Save money … get some serious real estate knowledge. Even if you don’t have a Kindle,...Continue reading »

  Flipping houses is not rocket science. All you need to know is how and where to find a good house to flip. Then you need to know how to get it under contract… And then all you have to do is flip it to someone for a profit! You can flip (wholesale) any type of property. You can flip HUD homes, REO’s, Short Sales, and foreclosures. Grab a free copy of my friend Lex’s book about wholesaling. Download Your Free Book Here Lex Levinrad has been a full time distressed real estate investor since 2003. He has been involved in buying, rehabbing, wholesaling, renting,...Continue reading »

  If you’ve heard of Capital Connection, you’ll know that our mission is to become the number one source of sources for the BEST financing options anyone will find anywhere. Well, we’ve just inked an affiliation with a source that I have to tell you about, because I believe that MANY of you can benefit on this one! Right to the point – here it is: Rates as low as 3.5% – 35 Yr. Amort.  (Imagine how this could positively impact your cash flow!) 35 Year Term! Leverage up to 83% of value! Non-Recourse! Assumable! Cash-out, Purchase, Substantial Rehab-...Continue reading »

  Randy Hughes is my guest on this weeks episode of the InvestFourMore Real Estate Podcast. Randy grew up poor, but found real estate when he was in college. He began investing in single family rental homes and has since bought over 200 houses. Randy learned about the best ways to protect his real estate assets along the way using land trusts. In fact, some call Randy Mr. Land Trust because of his vast knowledge on the subject. Not only does Randy teach his techniques online, but he has taught classes at colleges and is licensed to teach with the Illinois Association...Continue reading »