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Dennis Henson is President of Vanguard Marketing and Investments, and founder of Arlington Real Estate Association of Investors(AREA), one of the largest real estate groups on in the country! Listen to Dennis Henson’s Tips Here Find information about AREA here: He is the author of “Becoming Wealthy in Real Estate,” an Investor’s Guide to Riches. He is an expert at controlling property for profit without ever taking title along with many other creative techniques. Dennis has over 38 years in real estate investing,...Continue reading »

When putting together your real estate deals, you need to be sure that you know what documents may be necessary to complete the deal. You need to be mindful of these documents when structuring your deal. You need to have your own attorney when it comes time to actually prepare these documents, but here is an overview of basic documents. 1. Promissory Note: The promissory note includes the amount borrowed, the interest rate and the terms of payment. It’s basically a “note.” If you are doing the deal with your bank, then the bank will draw it up. Typically,...Continue reading »

BY CARRIE GREENE— I often connect two things that on the surface seem to have nothing to do with each other. Do you ever do that? Here’s something that occurred to me while I was out for a walk. Your business is like a dandelion. Let me explain. Dandelions were brought to the United States as a medicinal plant. They seem to have taken to the environment very well (at least here in the Northeast). So much so that they are now looked upon as weeds and, judging by most of the homes in my neighborhood, we do everything in our power to get rid of them. As I walked...Continue reading »

BY TED THOMAS— The secret to becoming a successful investor in tax defaulted property (tax deed) real estate is to know the who, what, when, where, why, and how these tax auctions take place. The golden rule to buying tax-defaulted properties is this: Know what you’re buying. This includes the size of the parcel, how many buildings are on it, zoning, restrictions, easements, the annual amount of property taxes, the appraisal value, previous sale prices, and current condition. Taxes are usually assessed at 1 to 1.5 percent of the property’s value. So a piece...Continue reading »

Marcus & Millichap (NYSE:MMI) today announced its Institutional Property Advisors (IPA) division has arranged the sale of Mohawk Apartments, a six-building, 91,514-net-rentable-square-foot multifamily property in Brooklyn. Purchased for $56.5 million, the sale of the 86-unit property equates to over $657,000 per unit. “This is the first time the Mohawk Apartments has traded hands in 30 years,” says Peter Von Der Ahe of IPA. “With rents currently 50 percent below market value, the asset presented investors with a rare opportunity to acquire an architecturally...Continue reading »

The old dude drinking the beer can’t quite touch Leonard Rosen. The Pitbull Conference CEO has an incredible record of teaching mortgage brokers how to become hard money lenders. Rosen says in his experience, he found that 50 percent of the mortgage broker’s time was spent finding a hard money lender to fund their loan scenarios. The flaw in that traditional mortgage broker lending mo del is that you’re only as good as the last mortgage loan you accomplished. Rosen says he thought it would be refreshing if mortgage brokers could earn residual income annually in...Continue reading »

Are you looking to find serious leads for your real estate deals? Guest columnist Nizzar Gherfal says there are five different ways you can general real estate leads online, and most of them won’t cost you a dime to execute, just a little time. Social Media Marketing 1- Listing properties on social media is very easy. Simply copy the URL of the property listing that you are trying to sell, then past and post it on your personal and/or company Facebook page. This action will result in displaying your property to everyone who liked your page or to those who are in...Continue reading »

Not only is demand for apartments growing, the big trend in multifamily is the microunit. Cary Bruteig with Apartment Appraisers & Consultants says small units with lower monthly rents are all the rage, with apartments now measuring 200 to 250 square feet smaller than those seen in the early 2000s, Colorado Real Estate Journal reports. Driving the trend is the demand for more apartment spaces, led in large part by millennials. Now developers are working to create affordable housing options in vibrant, urban environments, offer residents a nice place to live in a...Continue reading »

I have been using Land Trusts for over 35 years, but every now and then someone will challenge me as to the purpose and “honesty” in using a Land Trust to hold title to real estate investments. Let’s clear the air. Recently I was talking to a real estate investment club owner about speaking to his club regarding land trusts. He said, “We do not believe in using Land Trusts because they are dishonest.” He then went on to explain how someone had come to his club and spoke about Land Trust and that led him to believe that the use of a Land...Continue reading »

Do you dream of doing big things in day trading? Meet the coach who is making it happen for people just like you. John McLaughlin has been consulting with day trading entrepreneurs to find real potential, with client incomes reaching as much as $300,000 or more each year. “There is no hype, no BS,” says McLaughlin. “In life, like in business, there are no guarantees. But the day trading stocks game has changed—dramatically.” See more at McLaughlin says the achieve success, would-be day traders require a transformation not just in mindset but...Continue reading »