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Lance Edwards

Becoming financially independent through real estate investing isn’t an elite act. Anyone can do it, at any time—and more of us could be doing it than are, says best-selling author Lance Edwards, creator of the Multifamily Success and Raising Private Money systems. Over the last seven years, he’s taught hundreds of students how they too can build wealth with investments in small apartment complexes and multifamily housing. His book, How to Make Big Money in Small Apartments couldn’t have come at a better time. With hedge funds buying up large, full apartment complexes because they must move huge chunks of money—anywhere from $3 million to those costing hundreds of millions— small and mid-sized apartments are gold mines gone untouched. In between those million dollar deals and large apartment complexes, there is a revolving door of small and mid-size apartments available for investors just like you.

Developers seek solutions for aging adults who will have a huge variety needs for housing and services—and a wide range of income levels.   ( Article)  — The number of aging Americans 75 and older is growing fast. However, it’s not clear if there’s enough housing to meet the need. “There is a huge gap,” says Manny...Continue reading »

Energy Trust of Oregon’s Kate Wellington offers strategies that boost the energy performance of apartment communities.   By Roxana Baiceanu  (CommercialPropertyExecutive Article)  — With wellness and sustainability ranking high on the list of resident preferences, and more states committing to energy-efficiency policies, the multifamily...Continue reading »

How detached units in multifamily-style managed communities—including NexMetro’s Avilla Homes—are drawing in renters of all ages.   By Mary Salmonsen  ( Article)  — For the most part, the recent boom in the single-family rental market was built around small and large investors buying up existing single-family homes—starting...Continue reading »

It seems that most owners will either waive their no-pets policy entirely or go fully in the opposite direction and ban pets under all circumstances, according to Adam Frisch of Lee & Associates.   By Adam Frisch  ( Article)  — In light of the fact that new rent regulations seem to be announced in another locale...Continue reading »

Following the latest in what’s been a year-long series of short-term reauthorizations to keep the National Flood Insurance Program running, pressure mounts for lawmakers to enact critical reforms that can shore up the program’s finances and bring stability to the market.   By Kevin Donnelly  ( Article)  — Just days...Continue reading »

Changes in consumer preferences along with promise of income and investment returns are driving the growth and the acceptance of Airbnb alternatives.   By Joe Gose  ( Article)  — Up until Airbnb launched its home sharing technology platform in 2008, a few units reserved for corporate users here and there were typically...Continue reading »

The central bank lowered the benchmark interest rate a quarter of a percentage point to a range of 1.5% to 1.75%.   By Doug Brien  ( Article)  — As anticipated, the Fed cut rates for the third consecutive meeting, a decision that stands to benefit rental property investors. The move by the Federal Open Market Committee...Continue reading »

This really is The FASTEST and EASIEST way to Real Estate Profits!   By Tamara Argon  ( Article)  — Are you looking to get started as a real estate investor? Is cash and/or lack of knowledge keeping you from moving forward? Now you really Can Get Paid  on real estate transactions without ever buying or...Continue reading »

A survey commissioned by NMHC finds that multifamily investors and developers are pulling back in the face of rent control laws.   By Holly Dutton  ( Article)  — A survey by the National Multifamily Housing Council (NMHC) has found that a large percentage of multifamily owners, operators and investors are cutting back on investing...Continue reading »

Property management teams can mitigate liability and lost revenue through pet audits and software platforms.   By Leslie Mathis  ( Article)  — In a perfect world, every resident would properly report pets when they move into an apartment community. They would also report any pets they acquire or sit during their stay,...Continue reading »