Best Multifamily Loan I’ve EVER Seen! Bar NONE!

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lane-nameplatejIf you’ve heard of Capital Connection, you’ll know that our mission is to become the number one source of sources for the BEST financing options anyone will find anywhere.

Well, we’ve just inked an affiliation with a source that I have to tell you about, because I believe that MANY of you can benefit on this one!

Right to the point – here it is:

Rates as low as 3.5% – 35 Yr. Amort.  (Imagine how this could positively impact your cash flow!)

35 Year Term!

Leverage up to 83% of value!



Cash-out, Purchase, Substantial Rehab- all considered!

Now, we’ve known about, and had access to this program for years, but it is always been limited to properties of $3M and up.

Well today, (and why I’m over the moon right now), we can do this awesome program down to $1M and potentially even lower than that!

This opens the door to MANY operators now to participate in truly the best multifamily loan ever created!  I challenge anyone to show me a better one.

And, if you’d like more info about our exclusive sourcing system so that you can get direct access to all of our hand selected sources, please go here now:  Capital Connection

We have sources for almost any scenario in commercial, multifamily and much more.  Our sources are all hand-selected and MUST be very unique, competitive, and difficult to find through traditional methods!

Long Term Blanket Loans, High Leverage/Low cost Fix and Flip, Ground up construction, Lines of Credit,  and on and on!

 We are Capital Connection, and our mission is CONNECT YOU directly with the absolute BEST POSSIBLE

Sources in the Nation for WHATEVER your specific real estate needs are!

This is not a gimmick or hype; it’s just a new business model that focuses our years of experience in

finding, vetting and delivering the best lending sources in the nation.

If you have a property that you’d like to discuss, please shoot us an email to to set up a FREE consultation to review your project and go over all the details.

I really look forward to speaking with you soon!

All the best,

Lane O’Bryon