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By Matt Andrews —  I hear it all the time from bird-dogs that bring me properties. “Matt, this property is a great deal. It will make you...Continue reading »

By Randy Hughes, Mr. Land Trust  —  Many people (especially some attorneys) do not believe there are any benefits to using a Land Trust to hold...Continue reading »

Our Mission Empowers Every Individual To Achieve The Credit Scores They Deserve & Enjoy A Lifestyle Of Greater Opportunity. Who are...Continue reading »

Saturday, June 17 at 9AM – 12PM DFW Real Estate Investor Club Hurst Conference Center 1601 Campus Dr, Hurst, Texas, 76054 Show Map For More Info...Continue reading »

By Mike Warren  —  One of the things I teach some of my clients who are looking for cash to start a business is to consider the possibility of...Continue reading »

Are you… A Real Estate Investor TIRED of trying to find someone, anyone to help you FINANCE your great projects? A Mortgage Broker, or someone with clients...Continue reading »

By Laura Al Amery —  In the world of real estate wholesaling, you are the middleman bringing together the deal – and making a quick profit without...Continue reading »

Matthew A. Griffith, Senior Attorney Matt focuses his practice on business and real estate matters.  Matt’s practice emphasizes practical solutions...Continue reading »

Cliff has been in the real estate business since 1992, when he starting in the residential mortgage lending world as a loan officer for a national mortgage...Continue reading »

We understand property management Because we are property managers                 The...Continue reading »