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Lack of knowledge:  Obviously you can’t be a success in any field if you don’t have the knowledge. What you choose to do with it, of course, is up...Continue reading »

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Did you know that approximately 10% of all homes that are sold in the U.S. are sold using owner financing? Owner financing is when the seller of a home...Continue reading » Hello and welcome to  Cash4Houses.NET.  If you are thinking, “Sell my house fast,”...Continue reading »

By John Jackson  —  After years of teaching many people lease options and wholesaling, I have found that there are some students that take off,...Continue reading »

By David “The Diamond” Oswald  —  I’m currently mentoring a few investors who are really excited about the business of real estate...Continue reading »

I love educating the world about investing in real estate and being a real estate agent. Before I bought my first rental property, I knew investing in...Continue reading »

At a young age, I was written off by my teachers, told I’d never amount to much, voted least likely to succeed, and laughed at by family members for...Continue reading »

By John Nuzzolese  —  Many of us have had difficulty in rejecting interested rental applicants for our properties. Without a system to save you...Continue reading »

By Matt Andrews —  I hear it all the time from bird-dogs that bring me properties. “Matt, this property is a great deal. It will make you...Continue reading »