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By Heather Havenwood  —  Congratulations on choosing to be an entrepreneur, may your life be filled with success!”, is not something you hear...Continue reading »

We are a networking and training club for real estate investors and anyone interested in just learning about real estate! We encourage members to network with each other for deals and services concerning real estate.  We provide programs for the seasoned investor, the new home buyer, or those new to South Florida looking to learn about the Real Estate market. We also...Continue reading »

Consider sending direct mail pieces to a “recently inherited property list” or “inheritance list” to find people who have inherited property through probate.  You can find this type of list at This site specializes in discounted investment property leads, so be sure and go there to see how it might help you. For people who have recently inherited...Continue reading »

  Lendition takes a different approach to helping small businesses. They specialize in helping businesses achieve the capital funding needed to operate...Continue reading »

“How do I get started investing in notes?” That’s a question we hear daily from tired landlords, stressed out rehabbers, or the couple next door...Continue reading »

By Tamara Aragon  —  In my previous blog post, found here, you learned 10 strategies referred to as Roads that you want to consider in your real...Continue reading »

“Goals are like magnets. They’ll attract the things that make them come true.” ~ Tony Robbins By Dmitriy Fomichenko  —  It’s the end of...Continue reading »

By Mitch Stephen  —  In mid 2016, my educational coaching and mentoring business,, had been in existence for just under five years....Continue reading »

By Joy Gendusa  —  My company, PostcardMania, has helped more than 4,812 real estate professionals with their marketing, and I can say this with...Continue reading »

Hey Gang: Thanks for taking a few minutes to check out this information! As many of you know, here at Capital Connection our business model is to invest...Continue reading »