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Ron LeGrand By Ron LeGrand, Expert Panelist – Last article, I said we were going to spend the next few issues going through an ACTS or sandwich lease-option...Continue reading »

Joanne Musa By JOANNE MUSA — One way to get multifamily properties is to find tax defaulted properties at a tax deed sale. Here’s an excerpt from...Continue reading »

By AL AIELLO — LLC’s have all of the legal benefits of a corporation; yet all of the excellent tax advantages of a general partnership; yet avoid the legal disadvantages of a general partnership, yet avoid the tax disadvantages of C corps, S corps and LP’s, including avoiding the legal complications of LP’s and legal constraints of S-corps. More specifically...Continue reading »

BY SCOTT GINSBERG ( — I judge people by their vocabulary. I believe we are revealed in the language we create for ourselves, especially...Continue reading »

I got started with real estate back in 2002 and my very first training was in how to buy houses nothing down. It was back before we even had webinars....Continue reading »

Ron LeGrand When I want to play, I play. When I go to Alaska, I don’t work; I go there to kill stuff, and I make darn-sure before the day is over that...Continue reading »

Are you a beginner in real estate? If you want to succeed, there is perhaps no activity more important in setting up your own real estate business then...Continue reading »

Al Aiello BY AL AIELLO – A Nuclear Private Document. The most important LLC document is the Operating Agreement (OA). It is the nuclear, governing instrument mandating LLC business operations.  Simply put, it is the heart of the LLC. The OA Versus The Articles. The articles of organization, which is necessary for the filing of the LLC formation, is not a substitute...Continue reading »

Ron LeGrand Several of my students have asked me to lay out the steps required to get your first check with a detailed description of each. That’s exactly...Continue reading »

Russ Whitney If you are reading this right now, you are probably in the middle of a crisis right now. Maybe you are coming out of a crisis, or chances...Continue reading »