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Lance Edwards, President, First Cornerstone Group, LLC. If you’re familiar with wholesaling houses, let me make a comparison and a contrast of houses versus apartments. First of all, on houses, whenever you wholesale any kind of asset, you have to first determine what the value of it is. On houses, the value is based on comps. You do comparisons, comparables, what do...Continue reading »

In this Q&A Video, real estate investor Lance Edwards addresses a query about flipping and wholesaling apartments in New York City. Dave writes: I live in New York City where the house prices are in the Twilight Zone. Should I still try flipping here, or should I look outside the city or state? See below to learn what Lance advises Dave on apartment flipping in New...Continue reading »

Terri Dobbs Tip: One of the most often asked questions when getting started in small apartments is how to find apartment owners who might be interested...Continue reading »

Are you a beginner in real estate? If you want to succeed, there is perhaps no activity more important in setting up your own real estate business then...Continue reading »

Let me give you a little story about how I did 70 properties. When I got started, the first time I did it, it was by trial-and-error, brute force luck. Remember...Continue reading »

Want to find a new area or market to mine for apartment deals? First Cornerstone Group’s resident real estate coach Terri Dobbs talks about how you can find the right spot to grow your own multi-million dollars real estate business. You might Google “emerging markets.” It really doesn’t matter if they are emerging. Some people want to buy in emerging...Continue reading »

Want to know why jobs matter when selecting a market for your apartment deals? Before you even begin searching, learn from real estate entrepreneur Lance Edwards why the potential for job growth and a strong local economy are the chief factors you need to look at when deciding on your first apartment market. See Also: 5 Ways to Identify a Hot Market for Apartment Wholesaling What...Continue reading »

Want to know how to determine your price per door and the capitalization rate for properties in California and similar markets? First Cornerstone Group, LLC., real estate coach Terri Dobbs shows you how in this Q&A video. Sean writes: “How do I determine price per door and cap rate for properties in California or markets like California?” If you’re...Continue reading »

One of the things that I realized early on when I was evaluating different ways to make money, this is going back when I was just first getting started.  When it comes to business there’s basically two business models: I can either put together a high volume business or I could put together a high ticket business, high volume or high ticket. Now a high volume business...Continue reading »

In this Q&A session, Terri Dobbs, First Cornerstone Group real estate training coach and mentor, takes on your query about how much you might need to set aside for repairs on a small apartment after getting it under contract. Terri also discusses the cost for a lost income policy. On the question of the price of a lost income policy, Terri advises you speak with...Continue reading »