Change Your Life in Just 30 Minutes

Posted on Jun 29 2015 - 9:43pm by 2!xMyNQ#FV8h4U

Susan-J-Bohenko_1401913BY SUSAN J. BOHENKO (Via EzineArticles) — I have a challenge for anyone out there who lives in a constant state of “I just don’t have time!” And right now, as the sun rises earlier is the perfect opportunity to try this experiment.

Want to make some significant changes in your life? Maybe there’s a project you’ve been putting off starting, or maybe you know you should be exercising but never do, or maybe you are just fed up with being rushed all day long.

The absolute most effective tool I have in my time-management tool box? Getting up a little earlier! I’m telling you, it works. Well it works if you work it. I mean don’t get up earlier and browse Facebook or stare at the TV! Have a plan. In order for you to accomplish something important to you, how should you best use those extra minutes?

– Trying to fit in some exercise? Have your workout clothes ready the night before and start your day with a walk.

– Have a project to start? Create an action plan and start your day tackling one part of your plan.

– Tough work commute? Shifting your departure time by as little as 20 minutes can save you significant hours each week.

– Too much email in your in-box? Get it out of the way early and limit relentless email checking all day long.

– Like to try meditation? Spend some quiet time with your thoughts and/or journal early in the day, committing to your goals, vision, or dreams before the rest of the world needs you.

Now, if you’re a night owl this may pose more of a challenge to you may need to go to bed earlier. Getting enough sleep is crucial to being effective at anything and everything. In fact, sleep is probably THE foundation for reaching any goal you have in mind. Wanting to change and having the will power to do so requires strength and discipline to do things differently. And as anyone trying to accomplish a difficult task while sleep deprived will tell you, it’s almost impossible!

To begin this challenge, start by getting up 15 minutes earlier the first week or two. Take baby steps towards your goal. Then try for 30 minutes earlier the week after, giving your more time to work on that goal. Commit to trying this for 7 days with a solid plan in mind for how you would like to use the extra time. You’ll be amazed what you can accomplish!

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