How Baby Boomers are Keeping The Apartment Rental Market Strong Through 2023

The Baby Boomer generation is the description applied to those lucky individuals born between 1946 and 1964, the post-World War II period characterized by unlimited opportunities as well as peace and prosperity. Most Baby Boomers grew up in a single family house which they eagerly departed after graduating high school or college to get out…

Why Invest In Small Apartment Buildings Over Single Family Houses

Many people just starting out in real estate investing often begin by purchasing a single family home as their first investment property. They then continue to concentrate on adding more single family homes to their inventory. Some real estate investors feel comfortable sticking with single family houses as their real estate investment of choice. But…

Why Millennials Have Turned The Real Estate Industry Upside Down

The tendency for millennials to rent, over buy is growing faster and faster, turning the real estate industry upside down. You see, over the years, it’s been more common for investors to “flip a house” – but with the majority of Millennials now looking for apartments in trendy parts of town, rather than two-story homes…

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