Success Stories

Here are some of the great reviews the book has received so far… can’t wait to hear yours:

“This book and the methods inside gives others the encouragement and necessary understandings to evolve their business and plan for retirement.”
— Peter Arianas


“I’ve used the methods taught by the Lance Edwards team and now I have acquired multiple streams of income and my business has exploded.”
— Delwin Marks


“We have worked with the Edwards team for years — both in marketing as well as building informative real estate webinars. The information in this book is nothing short of the essential instruction manual for beginners as well as a reminder for lifelong professionals.”
— Randy Hughes
“Mr. Land Trust”


“Lance Edwards and his crew gave me the courage to always ask about deals and never pass on an opportunity.”
— Scott Kodak


“Even the newest newbie can start today and make more money than they ever imagined within the first thirty days.”
— Traci Williams


“Thanks to Lance Edwards, my business has completely shifted, and now I make three times the money for the same amount of work. The plan really works and I’m grateful to incorporate it into my business.”
— Terri Attaway


“I’ve personally shared many of Lance’s tips with my friends and colleagues and I’m thrilled to now be able to recommend a book that packs all of the tips into an individual source.”
— Anil Sikri


“Lance has traveled many miles and influenced many minds. The information provided in his new book highlights his decade of experience in simple terms for all of those to follow.”
— Mark Waide
Trustee, Akron/Canton REIA

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Get Your FREE Book On Small Apartment Investing

Discover why Small Apartments are the smarter investment in today's real estate marketplace.