How to Take the Lion’s Share

Posted on Jan 18 2016 - 9:33pm by Lance Edwards
Luke Corden

Luke Corden

BY LUKE CORDEN— You ever get tired of hearing people moaning on about how bad life is?

How difficult it is to get ahead in life. How the whole world is against you. How it’s like it used to be. How there’s no hope for the youth of today.

When the truth is it’s to get ahead today than it’s ever been. Seriously. We live in an unprecedented time of abundance. By comparison to the past.

Today, a Masai Warrior with a smart phone has more information at his immediate disposal, than the president of the United States had just 15-years ago.

So for all the naysayers out there. I hate to tell you but there’s really no place to hide.

If you’re not happy with your situation as it is, there’s never been a better time in history to change it for the better.

You don’t need a college education. Heck you don’t need a school education at all. And if you decide you want one you can get one online. For FREE!

You don’t need a trade. Or a craft. You don’t even need capital to get started.

You need the desire. A plan. And a bit of courage. Oh, and you need to overcome evolution.

You see. Evolution is the only thing standing between where you are now, and where you want to be.

Humans evolved to avoid risk and danger by avoiding the unknown… at least as individuals.

If you’re venturing out to look for food, in a strange land, you don’t go alone.

If you encounter a lion, you’d better have back up, right?

That’s why today we have such a fear of the unknown.

Fear of loss is a more powerful force than the desire for new gains.

But it’s this loss aversion that keeps people stuck in a rut.

The fear and risk of the unknown outweighs the desire for a better life.

Entrepreneurs have to constantly fight against this loss aversion.

It’s what makes them different.

And that fear you’re feeling?

There’s nothing you can do about that but work through it…

Because to your caveman brain.

The threat of a lion on the prairie is indistinguishable to the threat of standing up in front of a live audience and being savaged by the crowd.

So you’ve just gotta face those lions, and tell your prehistoric brain to shut it.

So you can get on with making decisions based on gain instead of maintaining the safety of the status quo.

So don’t fear the lions, instead, take their share… Here’s how: