Loral Langemeier: ‘You Have to Say No!’

Posted on Jun 8 2015 - 5:58pm by Lance Edwards

loral-waterBy LORAL LANGEMEIER (Via LiveOutLoud) — You HAVE to say no.

I’m known around the world for my unshakeable determination to say “YES!” and figure out how. There’ve been countless times in my life where I said yes to the situation, took on the challenge and came out 100 times better for it.

There is no situation where I don’t see a way to say yes, and then get crazy resourceful enough to make it happen.

But trust me when I say that perhaps the most important moment of my life was when I said “No.”

I HAD to say no.

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Leaving my W-2 job in my mid-20’s was scary.

Seriously – leaving Chevron to start something of my own was unbelievably frightening.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you know the feeling. Your family, your friends, your loved ones – everyone’s trying to persuade you to not do it. Everyone is trying to justify why you’re crazy, why you’ll never make it, and why you’re out of your league.

You have a lot more enemies than friends when you’re on the cusp of becoming a full-fledged entrepreneur.

Pair this with the fact that leaving a consistent paycheck and the comfortability of working for someone else is just about the scariest thing you can do in your professional career, and I felt defeated even before I had started.

Everyone in my world was telling me to get a clue and go back to my “safe” job.

It became so much harder to ignore these doubters when times got tough and I questioned whether this was the right move for me.

I was lost.

Everyone who meant something to me was telling me to give it up and go back to my job.

But I said “no.”

I HAD to say no.

I said no to going back to my comfort zone.

I said no to familiarity.

I said no to mediocrity.

I said no to living my life for someone else.

I said no to being less than I was destined to me.

Only when I said no was I truly able to say yes to the life of opportunities, abundance and prosperity that was destined for me.

The wealth, the fame, the celebrity, the experiences, the joy – all of that only came after I said no to leading a life that I knew was not meant for me.

So…don’t settle. Say no to being less than who you truly are.

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