Step Into Your Greatness

Posted on Oct 26 2016 - 5:56pm by Lance Edwards


We stand to stop the system that leads to generational poverty and start a new system that leads to generational wealth.


Have you ever felt that the universe seems to be holding you back?

Well, in a way it has… but it’s not the universe.

It’s the “system” – the financial system to be exact.

You felt it. All of us do. You work harder and harder, and have less and less to show for it.


It’s the financial system. It was wired to work against you.

Once you “see” what the financial system looks like and how it operates, you will understand why people think they are moving forward, but they are actually moving backwards, and what you can do about it to LEAP forward in terms of wealth.

So I decided to put together a masterclass to expose how the system works, and how to make it work for you… no matter what investments you do. This one single class can open your eyes to what most people will never know.

My inner circle who watched this said “this is the most important training.” It’s yours to watch for a limited time at no cost – our gift to you. The title of this masterclass is “How to hack the game of finance for a better life.”

Enjoy it. Click here to attend this masterclass.


George Antone


The Family Bank Game is a two-day event that helps people learn and incorporate an amazingly effective financial strategy.


Are you…

A professional looking for a better return on your investments to enhance your retirement or put the kids through college?

An entrepreneur looking for a new business opportunity?

Earning income as a real estate investor but looking for ways to create more cash flow