Who is Ted Thomas?

Posted on Feb 10 2016 - 9:40pm by Lance Edwards

ted-speaking-homepageTed Thomas is America´s tax lien certificate and tax deed authority and an international speaker who has dedicated himself to finding and teaching the best investment strategy that can create wealth with minimum risk and easy to learn, that can help everyone including senior citizens and young people, and that’s why he chose Tax Lien Certificate and Tax Deed investment .

Ted Thomas is Also Tax Auction Authority. He is on a mission to prove that anyone, anywhere, can start investing in tax liens and deeds and make a great income.

Predictable, Certain and Secure

Ted has developed in-depth training programs that show you step-by-step how to profit from tax lien certificates and tax deeds.…

Ted is a Florida-based educator, publisher, author, and speaker. He has published and written over 30 books. His real estate books have sold in four countries worldwide.

Ted Thomas is the bestselling author and creator of numerous books and home study courses. Ted’s home study course titled “QuickStart – Introduction to Buying Tax Liens and Tax Deeds” is considered the definitive guide and the standard for the industry.

After watching his parents work hard and die almost broke, he decided it was to time to find an investment strategy that would help senior citizens as well as young people avoid the humiliation of not having enough money.

logo11For 2 years he researched and traveled, visiting 30 states and hundreds of counties. He interviewed dozens of government officers and venture capitalists.

From that effort emerged Ted’s QuickStart Introduction to Secured Tax Lien Certificates and Deeds. Anyone, anywhere, can start investing in tax liens and deeds and make a great income.

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