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  •     How you can make big 5-figure checks in as little as 30-days without using your own money or credit, and with no experience.
  •     How to find Small Apartments to “Flip” from highly motivated owners ready to sell.
  •     How to profit on properties without taking ownership.
  •     Why “flipping” small apartments is easier than houses.
  •     Finding an undervalued property
  •     Finding a buyer who wants that property (and how to access my buyers)
  •     Flipping that property to that buyer
  •     You do not have to repair any properties
  •     You do not have to deal with tenants
  •     You do not have to get financing, bank loans, or credit checks
  •     You do not have to take ownership of the property at all
  •     From anywhere in the world with just a phone and the internet
  •     In just a few hours a week on your own time
  •     With zero experience…or if you're a current investor or real estate agent (we have successful students from all walks of life, experience levels, and even people who have made this their second career after retirement)
  •     Starting with no capital or credit


Yes, it's ONLY $1

Normally, this course costs $599. (That’s the price listed on my websites, and others have paid that amount and continue to do so every day).

I have a special offer for you and a really good reason why it’s only $1 for you today!

First… let me share with you exactly what “Wholesaling” means… and why you don’t need any money, credit, or experience to get started.

And second… I’ll tell you why only $1, what the “catch” is, and how to claim your copy of this best selling course.

(Don’t worry… the “catch”… benefits you in a big way!)


I give you everything you need to flipping multifamily properties in my…

“Small Apartment Wholesaling Course”… And it’s yours for just $1

I conducted an in-depth training of my small apartment wholesaling system for a small group of eager students. Each paid $1,197 to attend this four week training.  You’ll receive the exact same training they received in this course.

I walk you through FOUR (4) training sessions that give you the complete A-to-Z of wholesaling small apartments.

You’ll have the complete tool kit with all the training, resources, and step-by-step guides that take you by the hand and walk you through the entire process to your first big check in as little as 30 days.

You can do this and make big money flipping small apartments…
You'll Get…

  • Complete Multimedia Training:  All the step-by-step training you need to get started and make your first check flipping properties, complete with audio, video and written transcript.  Conveniently learn in the media that's best suited for you.
  •  Forms, Templates & Contracts:  All the forms and contracts you need that are paint-by-numbers easy to follow.  Plus the special language we've created to protect you in any transaction.
  • Scripts:  Receive the exact scripts to speak with seller and agents over the phone.  Just follow the magic words over the phone to position yourself with authority and create dea flow, nationwide, from your desk or kitchen table.
  • Marketing Tools:  All the marketing, tools, templates, and resources lists to find your motivated sellers and hungry buyers.

All this is a $599 value that sells on our website everyday!

Here’s what you’ll learn…

  •     How to easily find discounted apartment deals – across North America
  •     How to analyze small apartment deals – from your home or office
  •     How to determine your purchase price
  •     How to maximize your wholesaling profits
  •     How to write your contract
  •     How to easily find buyers for your apartment deals (including my buyers)
  •     How to use the internet to get buyers calling you
  •     How to automate the process of automating your deal 24/7
  •     How to present your deal to your buyer
  •     How to position your wholesaling fee
  •     How to manage the due diligence process
  •     How to manage the closing process
  •     How to structure the deal for bank REO's
  •     How to mask your wholesaling fee from the buyer- if necessary
  •     How to organize yourself and your new business
  •     How to bust the fear of the zeroes
  •     How to easily and quickly find any earnest money that's required
  •     How to master time management
  •     How to master the habits and psychology of real estate success
  •     What to say and what not to say to brokers
  •     What to say and what not to say to sellers
  •     What to say and what not to say to buyers
  •     And much, much more…

PLUS, in addition for the Small Apartment Course You get For Just $1, I’ll Also Give You Two MORE Bonuses!

Bonus #1:  30 Minute Consultation ($ 250 Value) – You’ll receive a certificate to speak one-on-one with one of my trusted counselors about your personal situation, your plan, how to get started, what training is available, personal mentoring and anything else on your mind. Don’t worry, this is not a veiled sales pitch.  I promise that nothing will be sold unless you ask.  Use this certificate at any time.

Bonus #2:  Actual Seller & Agent Calls Transcripts  ($ 97 Value) – Wouldn’t you love to be able to listen in on my live calls to small apartment sellers and agents, nationwide, using the exact same scripts you’re receiving.  You can.  I’ve recorded them and made the actual transcripts available to you.  (I’d give you the audio recordings but I’m afraid I’d get in trouble in several states).

My Buyers Want Your Single Family & Multifamily Deals

Deals and Dollars Club is where I connect with my students directly to share exactly what works in the market right now from my experience and from our successful students.

All of my most successful students are members to my Deals and Dollars Club and many have told me what impact this level of access has done for their businesses.

The Deals and Dollars Club is SLAM PACKED with valuable tools, resources, training, live community interaction… that is fresh and updated regularly.

Here’s a small look at just some of what’s included:

  • Your Deals Access My Buyer’s List – It’s your deals.  My buyers.  And you keep 100% of the profits.
  • Video of Our Monthly "What Works Now" Live Coaching Calls where I share where you need to focus your time and attention to make the most money right now!  See actual deals being done by students!
  • Real Deal Analysis and Reviews to submit your current projects to my office so you know you're on the right track and make the biggest profits.
  • Active Case Studies – Receive a CD by mail each month to hear fellow Deals and Dollars members' success stories to learn for yourself
  • The Marketing Library complete with working materials to attract sellers and buyers to fuel your business growth! Updated, regularly based on the best practices of my office.
  • Up-to-date Forms and Contracts so you're on top of what you need to do to keep yourself legal and safe
  • Live Monthly Q&A Webinar to get all your questions answered and overcome any roadblocks you may have.
  • Unlimited Email Support so you're just a few clicks away from solving any challenge!
  • Our Doable Deal Analyzer Software that tells you when you have a dud or a stud. Do this before any deal you do so you save time and money!
  • The Offer Generator Software that saves you time by automatically generating offers on properties. The more offers you make, the more money you make.
  • Deals & Dollars Newsletter – Each month you'll receive a special newsletter by mail that strives to teach, motivate, and always earn a place at your "must read NOW" pile with topics on real estate, small business, wealth creation, and asset protection.
  • Nationwide Group Buying Discounts – As a club member, you receive deep, national buying discounts, at places where you already spend money today: Office Depot/Office Max, Sherwin Williams, Hertz, First Key Lending, Sears Commercial and over 25 others.
  • And that's just scratching the surface.

All in all, you get at least $1297 in training, software, systems, coaching, marketing materials and resources ready for you each month!

It’s just $1.


You’ve got nothing to lose.

But everything to gain!

Questions? Call our Training Coordinator at 281-667-3638.