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Lance Edwards, President, First Cornerstone Group, LLC. BY LANCE EDWARDS— When you are preparing to do your multifamily deals, remember that your mindset...Continue reading »

BY SCOTT GINSBERG ( — I judge people by their vocabulary. I believe we are revealed in the language we create for ourselves, especially...Continue reading »

By MARILYN THORPE (Via EzineArticles) – Business owners, are you still thinking like an employee? Don’t take this as an invasive question. It is not unusual to digress to past-employee behavior even after several years of running your business. I call this the remnants of “employee thinking.” It is not unusual that after operating your business...Continue reading »

By Paul Clukey  —  Mitch Stephen Review Update! Sept. 2017: My Life & 1,000 Houses (The Art of Owner Financing) and 200+ Ways to Find Bargain...Continue reading »

By George Antone  —  What if you could earn money in your sleep? What would your life look like if you could make money work for you and not against...Continue reading »           Click on Book Images for More Information or to Purchase!   A...Continue reading »

By Heather Havenwood  —  Congratulations on choosing to be an entrepreneur, may your life be filled with success!”, is not something you hear...Continue reading »

Established in 2006 by veteran investor Iain Day, Texas Real Estate Investors Circle is one of the leading real estate investment groups in North Dallas....Continue reading »