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Lance Edwards

Becoming financially independent through real estate investing isn’t an elite act. Anyone can do it, at any time—and more of us could be doing it than are, says best-selling author Lance Edwards, creator of the Multifamily Success and Raising Private Money systems. Over the last seven years, he’s taught hundreds of students how they too can build wealth with investments in small apartment complexes and multifamily housing. His book, How to Make Big Money in Small Apartments couldn’t have come at a better time. With hedge funds buying up large, full apartment complexes because they must move huge chunks of money—anywhere from $3 million to those costing hundreds of millions— small and mid-sized apartments are gold mines gone untouched. In between those million dollar deals and large apartment complexes, there is a revolving door of small and mid-size apartments available for investors just like you.

Now is the time to avoid losing more affordable housing units, before it’s too late.   By Georgia Coffman and Cash Gill ( Article)  —  While there are many uncertainties with the future of affordable housing, there’s one that we should be seriously concerned about. There’s a shortage of affordable housing units across the...Continue reading »

New preferences, low affordability of new homes drive greater demand for apartment rentals. By Bendix Anderson (NREI Online Article)  —  Apartment rentals have been luring residents away from other kinds of housing since the housing crash—and that is not likely to change in the foreseeable future. “Apartments should continue to play a role in the total...Continue reading »

Fannie Mae’s latest CIRT™ transaction reduced taxpayer exposure on $1.1B of multifamily loans. U.S. and overseas insurers and reinsurers made up the investor base.   By Jonathon Gross ( Article)  —  Building on a long tradition of transferring risk to the private sector, this past September Fannie Mae completed its first...Continue reading »

After a slowdown, apartment rent growth increased to 2.9 percent in the third quarter of 2018.   By Bendix Anderson (NREI Online Article)  —  Apartments rents are on the rise again.  “The apartment market’s performance during the third quarter slightly surpassed expectations,” according to Greg Willett, chief economist for RealPage Inc., a provider...Continue reading »

A look at the importance of analyzing a property management company’s current strategy and pitching new ways to increase lead conversions through quality leads and qualifiable metrics.   By Patricia Crawford ( Article)  —  While critically important to any multifamily property company’s success, the two words “budget planning”...Continue reading »

Opting for class-B and -C properties might be a smarter bet than investment in new luxury buildings. By Swapnil Agarwal (NREI Online Article)  —  Home ownership rates have fallen in recent years due to rising home values and stricter underwriting standards. As a result of this and the increase in the number of people 34 and under—the prime rental age—more...Continue reading »

While industry technology has advanced at a breakneck pace, the main concerns and priorities for prospective renters have stayed the same over time. Here is a look at the top four.   By Aaron Batte ( Article)  —  The process of searching for and finding an apartment to rent has changed dramatically in recent years as real estate technology...Continue reading »

While easier, digitized applications can create headaches and losses for property owners and managers because they open the door for false data entry.   By Mike Doherty ( Article)  — Property managers are meeting this need, but there is a cost. According to a recent report produced by TransUnion with Forrester Research, online renting...Continue reading »

 Prospective buyers and renters are turned off by agents who speak too much or push too hard.   By Adam Frisch ( Article)  —  Having been in the residential real estate business for almost 15 years now, I have been surprised to see the change in many brokers’ approaches to leasing and sales. Numerous brokers today often sell themselves...Continue reading »

Cap rates on multifamily transactions have not moved much since 2017, according to Real Capital Analytics.   By Bendix Anderson (NREI Online Article)  —  Experts keep waiting for the yield to rise on multifamily investments. At conferences, leading investors and industry analysts repeat the same question: “Are interest rates going to go up any more...Continue reading »