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Becoming financially independent through real estate investing isn’t an elite act. Anyone can do it, at any time—and more of us could be doing it than are, says best-selling author Lance Edwards, creator of the Multifamily Success and Raising Private Money systems. Over the last seven years, he’s taught hundreds of students how they too can build wealth with investments in small apartment complexes and multifamily housing. His book, How to Make Big Money in Small Apartments couldn’t have come at a better time. With hedge funds buying up large, full apartment complexes because they must move huge chunks of money—anywhere from $3 million to those costing hundreds of millions— small and mid-sized apartments are gold mines gone untouched. In between those million dollar deals and large apartment complexes, there is a revolving door of small and mid-size apartments available for investors just like you.

Learn tips for navigating the latest on social media, automation, and approval ratings.   By Jeremy Lawson ( Article)  — Even with 2019 demand pushing rents up an average of 3% nationally, more than 82% of renters agree, “renting is more affordable than owning,” according to a recent Freddie Mac survey. Developers...Continue reading »

Renter affordability crisis climbs the income ladder, affecting more Americans.   By Christine Serlin ( Article)  — The nation’s affordability crisis is not just affecting the lowest bracket of renter households, it’s climbing the income ladder to impact more modest-income households, according to the “America’s...Continue reading »

JVM Realty Corp.’s Jay Madary shares his perspective on property management options.   By Jay Madary  ( Article)  — “Should we manage our own properties, or should we engage a third-party firm?” At some point, that’s a question every company that owns apartment communities has to ask itself. There are certainly plenty...Continue reading »

Competing with new builds may not be as hard as you think.   By Joe Bousquin  ( Article)  — With all the focus on smart home technology in apartments today, owners of existing properties can feel left out in the cold when it comes to competing with newly built communities. But don’t fret. The reality is, given the blistering...Continue reading »

How interest-only loans and other concessions could become weaknesses for commercial real estate if, or rather when, interest rates rise and property values decline.   By Paul Fiorilla  ( Article)  — Market players largely agree that lending standards have not deteriorated despite the sustained economic cycle and...Continue reading »

A recent study found ongoing college debt levels are delaying home buying, resulting in young adults remaining in multifamily housing longer than previous generations.   By Jeffrey Steele  ( Article)  — CBRE’s latest U.S. Multifamily Research Brief, Student Debt Woes Feed Multifamily Markets, focuses on how student...Continue reading »

A resilient economy along with job growth and consumer spending are among the trends that will help the industry stay the course this year.   By Gali Kalinoski  ( Article)  — Driven in part by consumer spending, job growth and low interest rates, the 2020 outlook for the multifamily sector remains positive, according to...Continue reading »

Here are three ways to generate additional revenue to recover the cost of pet amenities and wear and tear on a community, according to Bridge Property Management’s Peter Cowan.   By Peter Cowan  ( Article)  — Residents love their pets and won’t feel at home unless their pets do. Some residents care more about...Continue reading »

Transwestern Commercial Services and Devencore’s 2020 sentiment survey unveils the expectations for the industry’s performance this year.   By Barbra Murray  ( Article)  — Transwestern Commercial Services and Montreal-based Devencore, which formed a strategic alliance in 2018, have released a report...Continue reading »

CEO Bob Hart discusses expansion and value-add strategies with MFE.   By Jennifer Castenson ( Article)  — Supply for multifamily housing is in high demand in nearly every market across the country, which could make it the best time in history to be a developer. However, developers face so many pressures that are...Continue reading »