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Brandon De Hoyos

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You might not expect a whole lot from scrappy kid who quit school at the age of 14. Young and idealistic, Engelo Rumora, known today as ‘The Real Estate...Continue reading »

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Chicago (GRAYSLAKE, ILL.)— A 396-unit multifamily complex between Chicago and Milwaukee has been acquired by Strategic Properties for an undisclosed...Continue reading »

(Credit: Business Wire) While Class A properties in the city will always be hot and sought, Class B and C properties in the suburbs are still just as impressive...Continue reading »

Jack Eyer (right) chats with University of Alabama Coach Nick Saban. (VESTAVIA HILLS, AL)— For Jack Eyer, growth is the name of the game. When the Landlord...Continue reading »

(DENVER, CO.)— Arcapita has announced it has acquired an $85 million senior living community in Colorado. The privately-held portfolio will be held in...Continue reading »

EagleBank is among just of many firms expecting a great year when it comes to multifamily loans. (Credit: EagleBank) With demand for apartments at an all-time...Continue reading »