Become a Note Referral Agent with Charter Financial

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Become a Note Referral Agent with Charter Financial

If you have been thinking about adding Note Brokering to your portfolio of services, now is a great time to get started. Since Covid-19 hit, note holders are selling their privately held notes at a record pace and because of this there is a need for more note brokers.

There are a handful of actual note buyers in the marketplace. The most credible is Charter Financial. They were founded in 1997 by Leland von Syring and he is still involved today as the President and CEO. Unlike many other companies you will come across, Charter Financial only makes money purchasing notes, not selling expensive training programs. However, with any business, a certain amount of training is necessary to become successful.

Charter Financial has created an excellent opportunity for individuals to add note broker training by becoming a member of the company. All training is available online and includes an excellent Online Study Course, they call it “Building Wealth Together. The training also includes recorded webinars and teleseminars and comes with unlimited telephone, email, and text support.

Charter Financial has streamlined the entire process so all you do to make money is locate note holders (using Charter Financials proven methods), make offers to the clients, and wait to collect your checks. The average fee is $3,000+ and fees can range between $1,000 – $25,000+ and the great thing is that you determine your fee on each and every transaction.

The Charter Financial Membership is Only $24.95 per month
You may cancel at any time and there are no upsells – No one will ever call you asking you to buy anything else

Each Membership comes with a Free Note Website
Hosting fee starts at $15 per month – Domain name not included – Cancel any time

Click Here to see Sample Websites


As soon as you sign up to become a member you will receive instant online access to all the training through Charter Financials Member Only Website. You will also receive an email that will provide you with instructions on how to get your website up and running.

Membership and website hosting are billed separately.