Tenant Pools For Apartments Are Too Rich To Ignore! Leverage This Ever
Expanding Market with These VITAL REAL ESTATE HACKS!

How To Invest In Small Apartment Buildings...

Gen Y, Z, & Millennials Are Occupying Apartments In Record Numbers: The Future Is NOW!

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  • Why you never need to worry about tenants, toilets, and repairs.
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Who is Lance Edwards?

Lance Edwards has bought and wholesaled apartments ranging from 3 units to nearly 300 units. He completed his first real estate deal – a small apartment – in 2002 (using none of his own cash or credit). Within 3 years, he was able to leave his corporate job of 20 years.

Lance has been teaching others nationwide how to get started in apartments since 2007 using the techniques revealed here. From small apartments, you can quickly scale up to mid-size and large apartments – use these same proven recipes.

These strategies are revealed in his book, Small Apartment Investing.
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