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I got started with real estate back in 2002 and my very first training was in how to buy houses nothing down. It was back before we even had webinars....Continue reading »

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  (HOUSTON)— With glitter, glamour and Cyndi Lauper‘s campy sweet music and lyrics, Kinky Boots captivates audiences with its celebration...Continue reading »

In Lance Edwards‘  real estate trainings and home study courses, part of what we focus on is not just giving students the skill sets they need to...Continue reading »

Toni Ward, another successful Lance Edwards real estate training student, shares her review of our program. People looking into Lance Edwards’ real...Continue reading »

Del’win Marks managed to flip his first apartment deal in the form of a wholesale duplex. After eight years of experience in the housing market,...Continue reading »

Thinking about attending a Lance Edwards real estate workshop? Here’s a few words from workshop participant Dean B. Duff about why he thinks attending...Continue reading »