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Here are three ways to generate additional revenue to recover the cost of pet amenities and wear and tear on a community, according to Bridge Property Management’s Peter Cowan.   By Peter Cowan  ( Article)  — Residents love their pets and won’t feel at home unless their pets do. Some residents care more about...Continue reading »

Transwestern Commercial Services and Devencore’s 2020 sentiment survey unveils the expectations for the industry’s performance this year.   By Barbra Murray  ( Article)  — Transwestern Commercial Services and Montreal-based Devencore, which formed a strategic alliance in 2018, have released a report...Continue reading »

CEO Bob Hart discusses expansion and value-add strategies with MFE.   By Jennifer Castenson ( Article)  — Supply for multifamily housing is in high demand in nearly every market across the country, which could make it the best time in history to be a developer. However, developers face so many pressures that are...Continue reading »

A new study by Orkin shows the nation’s capital moving into the top spot for infestations.   By Scott Sowers  ( Article)  — Orkin, based in Atlanta, recently released its annual list of cities with the most reported bed bug infestations, and Washington, D.C., is in the No. 1 position. Nearby Baltimore drops to No. 2 after...Continue reading »

Unless the land is a place nobody wants, you can expect fights.   By Craig Webb ( Article)  — People love houses. Neighbors and change are different matters entirely. The simultaneous growth of two consumer wants—affordable private homes in conveniently sited, ever-denser communities—will give multifamily developers...Continue reading »

The government-sponsored enterprise expects the multifamily market in the U.S. to continue its strong growth.   By Holly Dutton  ( Article)  — Freddie Mac is expecting continued growth in the multifamily market throughout 2020. In its just-released Multifamily 2020 Outlook report, the government-sponsored enterprise...Continue reading »

Look, no one is perfect. Sometimes, one renter will be a little more difficult than others. Here’s how to work with them.   By Jessica Fiur  ( Article)  — In a perfect world, all residents at an apartment community would pay their rent on time, be quiet and thoughtful neighbors, write positive reviews of the building...Continue reading »

Flush with capital and boosted by solid fundamentals, multifamily real estate rolls into the new decade with an optimism that seems almost too good to last.   By Chris Wood ( Article)  — Carl Dranoff is like the M. Night Shyamalan of multifamily real estate development. Rooted in Philadelphia since receiving his...Continue reading »

Borrowers still must pay attention to potential recession and macro trends.   By Christine Serlin ( Article)  — As housing demand continues to surge across the nation, finance leaders are predicting that capital will continue to flow for both affordable and market-rate multifamily deals in 2020. “There is a lot...Continue reading »

Vacancy rate rose 0.1% to 4.7%, while absorption and supply growth slowed considerably.   By Mary Salmonsen  ( Article)  — The apartment vacancy rate rose to 4.7% in the fourth quarter of 2019, up from 4.6% in the third quarter, according to the latest REIS Preliminary Trends Report. The vacancy rate was 4.8% at the end of 2018...Continue reading »