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Sabal Capital’s Pat Jackson shares why he remains positive about the sector. By Pat Jackson  ( Article)  — With the COVID-19 outbreak and subsequent stock market plunge, the first quarter of 2019 delivered a shock to the United States as citizens hunkered down at home and companies grappled to adjust and weather it out. While the...Continue reading »

A breakdown of the major points within HUD’s latest Notice, explained by attorney Brad Morris. By Brad Morris  ( Article)  — A lot of frustration and confusion surrounds the issue of assistance animals in housing. Animal owners often feel they are being asked too much about personal medical issues and forced...Continue reading »

According to the GSE’s latest report, the nation’s housing undersupply will grow worse this decade, as more Millennials and Generation Z form households. By Jeffrey Steele  ( Article)  — The U.S. housing market is undersupplied by about 3.3 million units, and the shortage is advancing by about 300,000 units...Continue reading »

Consider these five questions when creating a customized waste plan. By Michael Hess ( Article)  — Whether you’re a multifamily owner or a property manager, you have a great deal of responsibility to keep communities in tip-top shape while providing the best experience for your residents. Waste management is one of...Continue reading »

The NMHC and NAA offer advice on how apartment owners and managers should tackle the issue, if the virus continues to spread. By Symone Garvett ( Article)  — The globe has been buzzing about the outbreak and subsequent spread of the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. As of March 4, the World Health Organization has...Continue reading »

Renters tend toward lower voter turnout and more progressive candidates. By Scott Sowers  ( Article)  — The 2020 presidential election year has kicked into high gear as multifamily experts are crunching the numbers trying to gauge how demographic changes in the country’s housing market could affect the political outcome. Chris...Continue reading »

Here’s why it matters for housing across the board. By Doug Bibby  ( Article)  — For too long housing affordability has been falsely seen as an industry problem. But in recent years, it’s taken on such an epic scale that local communities and governments are taking more aggressive steps than ever before. Nearly one-third (31.5%)...Continue reading »

With growing demand for hybrid IT solutions, leasing and construction deliveries reached new heights last year, according to CBRE’s data center real estate report. By Barbra Murray  ( Article)  — CBRE has released its North American Data Center Report H2 2019, and the results bode well for the...Continue reading »

How to go from working a 9-to-5 to full-time house flipping with the greatest methods and strategies to find deals. By Michael Green ( Video)  — Hi! My name is Michael. I’m a real estate investor, speaker, and entrepreneur. I have bought and sold over 1,100 deals and counting! I enjoy quiet walks on the beach while sipping a piña colada and...Continue reading »

Discover how implementing digital systems can help prepare for spring and summer move-ins and move-outs. By Albert Nguyen  ( Article)  — As spring approaches, it’s crucial for property management companies to prepare for the industry’s busiest season. Approximately 70% of moves take place in spring and summer, with both purchase...Continue reading »