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Recent data from Meyers Research points to lesser-known hot spots for multifamily.   By Scott Sowers  ( Article)  — Seeking the brightest heat lamps for real estate action typically conjures a list of the usual suspects—Dallas, San Francisco, Seattle, and Washington, D.C. But experts are now looking at numbers from what used...Continue reading »

Get in the Halloween “spirit” (get it?) with these ideas for your residents.   By Jessica Fiur  ( Article)  — Note from the editor: This list was originally going to contain 666 suggestions, but I didn’t want to summon anything evil. Also, what am I, nuts? Coming up with 18 was hard enough! What are you dressing...Continue reading »

Daniel Eller’s “blast from the past” strategy centers on 20th century buildings in high-demand locations.   By Mary Salmonsen  ( Article)  — For its value-add multifamily strategy, Chapel Hill, N.C.-based Eller Capital has chosen to focus on purchasing, renovating, and repositioning multifamily properties originally built...Continue reading »

Housing market dynamics might be different than those of 2005-2007, but the urgent need for transformation is just as intense. Will we be facing a housing bubble soon? Here’s what to expect.   By Alexandra Pacurar ( Article)  — The answer to the question “When will the next housing bubble burst?” depends on who you ask....Continue reading »

Relatively new to the multifamily space, these products can be a win for property managers as well as residents.   By Mike Rudoy  ( Article)  — When looking for a new rental home, affordability is the most important concern for renters, even outranking location as the top priority. And while monthly rent is the most obvious...Continue reading »

How to make an initial approach to a changing market.   By Michael J. Richardson  ( Article)  — With new construction expected to slow in the coming year, most economists would still agree that multifamily projects are set to maintain their status as viable investments, even for first-time investors. But how should a first-time...Continue reading »

Service providers focus on residents’ needs in order to eliminate difficulties that increase owners’ expenses and turnovers, according to Flynann Janisse of Rainbow Housing Assistance Corp.   By Flynann Janisse  ( Article)  — Affordable housing supports families and individuals, low-income seniors, veterans, and the formerly...Continue reading »

Demand is strong, with increased capital continuing to move into the sector.   By Christine Serlin  ( Article)  — While economic growth is starting to slow, fundamentals for the multifamily industry remain strong, according to John Sebree, first vice president and national director at Marcus & Millichap, and Ryan Severino,...Continue reading »

Availability in the property type tightened across all regions of the country over the past 12 months, according to a new report by Marcus & Millichap.   By Greg Isaacson  ( Article)  — Vacancy in manufactured home communities is tightening across all regions of the U.S., as renters increasingly turn to low-cost housing options,...Continue reading »

California is third state to pass legislation this year.   By Christine Serlin  ( Article)  — Rent control is top of mind for multifamily leaders, with many saying it will only exacerbate the affordable housing crisis. Earlier this week, California Gov. Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 1482, making the state the third to pass...Continue reading »