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P.B. Bell’s Debbie Willis provides strategies for how property managers can handle the package chaos.   By Debbie Willis  ( Article)  — As the holiday season is in full swing, residents are actively online shopping to find the perfect presents for their family and friends. As joyous as this time of the year can be, this season...Continue reading »

While average rents rose 3.1 percent year-over-year through November, several metros saw rents decline by as much as 4.6 percent.   By Razvan Cimpean  ( Article)  — Countrywide, average rents rose 3.1 percent year-over-year through November, to $1,473, according to Yardi Matrix data. Meanwhile, the five metros on this list...Continue reading »

Basis Investment Group’s Shaunak Tanna discusses strategies for successful financing operations today and where business growth potential lies as we move into 2020.   By Alexandra Pacurar  ( Article)  — Low interest rates and availability of capital, along with increasing multifamily demand have created  favorable...Continue reading »

Fogelman Properties’ Justin Marshall details how operators can tackle industry’s ongoing challenges.   By Justin Marshall  ( Article)  — Looking ahead at 2020, property managers and multifamily operators certainly have their hands full with the ongoing challenges of onboarding new technology, the struggle for solid on-site...Continue reading »

Everything we know about the multifamily business will be challenged in this digital age. Who wins or loses in this era will be determined by their innovation mindset.   By Karen Hollinger   ( Article)  — There are multifamily executives today that will argue that multifamily housing is a commodity. They say a building is a...Continue reading »

A new survey found 74 percent of industry executives are looking to invest in properties next year while only 19 percent said they expected to be sellers.   By Gali Kalinoski  ( Article)  — An overwhelming majority of multifamily professionals—74 percent—surveyed recently by Capital One said they would be buyers in 2020...Continue reading »

Investors should not be rushing into Opportunity Zone commitments, but here are some crucial dates to be aware of.   By Therese Fitzgerald  ( Article)  — Add one more item to your holiday to-do list this year: “Invest my capital gains in a Qualified Opportunity Zone Fund.” A big deadline for potential Opportunity Zone...Continue reading »

With the new decade quickly approaching, Fogelman’s Mike Aiken breaks down why multifamily is a reliable bet.   By Mike Aiken  ( Article)  — Cautious optimism is the proverbial tone many multifamily investors are taking as the start of a new decade is only a few weeks away. The whispers of a slowing economy have turned...Continue reading »

Factors including low home affordability, defensive investment strategies, and new tax-exemption legislation emphasize the considerable upside to investing in the affordable sector.   By John R. Williams  ( Article)  — With its strong fundamentals, the multifamily asset class is increasingly attracting higher levels of institutional...Continue reading »

Pools are always an area of concern, but other community areas are primed for trouble.   By Scott Sowers  ( Article)  — Outdoor amenities not only lose their appeal in the winter, but they also become trouble spots for water damage, mold, and mildew. At the same time, certain amenities, including fire pits and grills, are good...Continue reading »