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One of the things that I realized early on when I was evaluating different ways to make money, this is going back when I was just first getting started, is when it comes to business there’s basically two business models: I can either put together a high volume business or I could put together a high ticket business, high volume or high ticket. Now a high volume business...Continue reading »

In this Q&A session, Terri Dobbs, First Cornerstone Group real estate training coach and mentor, takes on your query about how much you might need to set aside for repairs on a small apartment after getting it under contract. Terri also discusses the cost for a lost income policy. On the question of the price of a lost income policy, Terri advises you speak with...Continue reading »

EXCLUSIVE – Nadine Lajoie, host of the “Win the Race of Life” radio show, featured First Cornerstone Group, LLC., CEO and and real estate...Continue reading »

Lance Edwards Real estate entrepreneurs seeking to build wealth and attain financial freedom would be well-served to start in small apartments and multi-family...Continue reading »

In this week’s Q&A with real estate educator and coach Terri Dobbs, Bruce asks, “How do you determine what to pay someone on your team,...Continue reading »

Terri Dobbs, a real estate coach with First Cornerstone Group, LLC., addresses a common question for entrepreneurs seeking small apartments and multi-family...Continue reading »

Lance Edwards Lance Edwards addresses who you can wholesale your small apartment and multi-family deals to in this video lesson from his No. 1 Best-Selling...Continue reading »

Lance Edwards Internationally-recognized real estate educator and best-selling author Lance Edwards recently appeared on the Win the Race of Life radio...Continue reading »

Do you want to know why people in our business aren’t really real estate investors, but entrepreneurs? In this lesson from “How to Make...Continue reading »

Would you know a great investment if you saw one? In this lesson from “How to Make Big Money in Small Apartments,” Lance Edwards illustrates...Continue reading »