The Experts on Insurance (Part 2)

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Tips to Find Home Insurance at an Affordable Price


Sahil-Doshi_1601946By Sahil Doshi  —  Buying Home insurance can always be termed as a good decision since it gives you appropriate financial cover in the event of theft, damage, robbery, earthquake, storm, or more. However, many people do not think of it as a necessity and often avoid purchasing it so as to save their money.

Keeping in mind the benefits associated with home insurance, the price cannot be considered as the best comparison point. After all, it just doesn’t cover for your home but also for your belongings and gets you monetary aid even in the case when you’re liable for third party injury or property damage.

Though there are numerous factors that determine your policy rates, the most obvious ones include the location of your property, its age and construction type. Newer homes in areas are less prone to damage, natural disasters and crime, and are also cheaper to insure. This definitely is something that you can’t control, but there are certain other ways that can make you eligible to get cheap home insurance:

  1. Shop Around:
  2. Bundle your policy:
  3. Don’t over insure:
  4. Consider a higher deductible:
  5. Add safety features:
  6. Check Your Credit Score:


All in all, opportunities to find the cheap home insurance are all around you. You must, for your part, take time out to find out the most suitable policy as per your need, which will enable you to save considerably more in future.

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Renters Insurance- Why Every Tenant Needs It


Daniel-Wright_46661By Daniel Wright  —  Many renters overlook the fact that the owner’s insurance coverage does not protect the replacement value of the renter’s belongings or his liability for injury or loss to others that occur in his rented quarters. Anyone who rents a house, loft or apartment, whether a student, renting a room off campus, a senior citizen enjoying retirement, or those who are still working, must make sure to take the time to assess their risk of loss of physical possessions, or through legal liability for loss to others. Then they must choose a renter’s policy that works for them.

In preparation for requesting quotes for renter insurance, estimate the value of possessions by making a list of everything that is owned and listing the estimated purchase price, and the date purchased. A photographic record would be useful, especially for any items that are of particular value.

What A Renter’s Policy Will Cover

While each renter’s policy will offer different features and benefits, some of the common coverage includes:

  • Replacement value of all possessions for loss from fire, theft, or vandalism.
  • Guest Medical Protection if a guest is injured in or around the renter’s place.
  • The renter’s expenses if forced to live somewhere else for a while.
  • Liability Protection for renter’s legal defense fees and awarded damages.
  • Unauthorized transactions on renter’s credit cards
  • Can save renter from having to pay for costly repairs to rented space

Renter’s Insurance Is Vital for Protection against Loss and Liability

Renters insurance is affordable and easy to find and purchase; therefore, there is no excuse for anyone not to have this vital protection. The best possible result would be to have a renter’s policy, but, never have occasion to file a claim. The peace of mind which the renter will have enjoyed will be well worth the policy’s cost.

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