Journalist Mixes Passion for Writing, Real Estate at Realty411 Magazine

Posted on Mar 9 2016 - 12:22am by Lance Edwards

pliagasLinda Pliagas has studied and worked in both media and real estate for nearly 20 years. So it should come as no surprise that she’s seeing great success by putting those two passions together.

Pliagas is the publisher of Realty411 Magazine, a free print and online resource guide developed to assist investors in the acquisition, management and growth of their real estate portfolios.

Realty411 is an advocate for education, and some of the greatest Masters of Real Estate are featured in our publication. For added online visibility, Realty411 also has an alternate cover titled Real Estate WEALTH.

She began her realty career 12 years ago as a broker’s assistant to a young broker who became a multimillionaire by age 29 fixing and flipping homes. When they worked together, he was a seminar devotee and took educational training around the nation with some of the greatest masters in the industry.

Pliagas kept a close ear to his teachings, obtained her real estate license, and began to focus more on the investing side of the real estate industry. Soon, Linda began to help her family, friends and colleagues also invest in rental properties, particularly out of state.

She has been a licensed real estate agent for over 13 years, although she currently is not an active agent because Realty411, and her collection of publications, is her first priority.

12391132_10153869146153945_2265625854135620888_nA journalist since the age of 18, Pliagas has also worked and freelanced for numerous national magazines, local newspapers and online news websites.

She has been interviewed by the Los Angeles TimesThe Wall Street Journal, the Daily Breeze, and has appeared on numerous television and radio interviews. She enjoys attending real estate clubs and events all over the country and networks in person as much as possible.

Her personal mission to make a positive difference in media and real estate and to inspire women and economically-challenged people to learn how to invest to create a better future.

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