Lance Edwards Reviews: Apartment Champion Clears $28K Wholesaling Small Apartments

Posted on Jan 7 2015 - 12:08am by 2!xMyNQ#FV8h4U

Del’win Marks managed to flip his first apartment deal in the form of a wholesale duplex. After eight years of experience in the housing market, he finally made the jump to small apartments and cleared $11,000 on this first deal.

But, he didn’t stop there. Check out the video below to hear how Del’win also went on to close his second deal in quick succession for a very cool profit of $28,000 using Lance Edwards‘ real estate training and home study courses.

During those eight years before he got into small apartments and multi-family housing, he generally only made between $3,000 and $7,000 per deal, flipping individual homes.

Using strategies from Lance Edwards’ classroom, however, he was able to multiply those numbers and makes three times as much money from the same amount of work.

Del’win started by sending out 500 postcards to three and four-unit multifamily owners. Of those 500, he received 20 to 25 calls in response. Of those calls, he closed on a deal in four weeks to earn just over $11,000 – contract to cash.

His buyer was a local landlord who owned about eight properties. His buyer felt that he was ready to “graduate” to multi-family units.

On Delwin’s next deal, he was sitting on a seven-unit property, where he made around $28,000.

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