Learn How to Become a Consultant in Factoring

Posted on Aug 6 2018 - 8:00pm by Lance Edwards

Looking for that Perfect Home Business?  Then Learn How to

Broker Factoring Transactions With the Help of IACFB


img6DLooking for Residual, Life-of-Account Income?  Then Learn How to Become a Consultant in Factoring

Never heard of it?  Well accounts receivable factoring has been around for hundreds of years and worldwide, is one of the most popular methods of small business finance with over $2 trillion dollars of small business finance being conducted through factoring each and every year.

Factoring Brokers / Consultants

One of the most unique aspects of the factoring industry is its use of “independent brokers” as a source of business referrals.  As independent industry “freelancers”, factoring brokers / commercial finance consultants…

  • Define their own work hours
  • Can operate from virtually anywhere there is an internet connection
  • Are regarding as true “Industry Professionals” within their community
  • Enjoy exceptional earnings potential
  • Can operate as part-time “referrers” or as true career-oriented professional consultants


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How Factoring Brokers Are Compensated

Commercial Finance Consulting offers industry freelancers one of the most unique methods of compensation found throughout the consulting industry.  For their referrals, factoring brokers earn…

  • Monthly Commissions:  Referring brokers earn commissions based upon the factoring fees earned by the factor.  Commissions are residual in nature.
  • Life-of-Account Payments:  So long as the referred business owner continues to use the services of the factor, the referring broker is paid.  Payments are “Life-of-Account” and it is not unusual for such arrangements to last 3 years, 5 years, 7 years, or even longer.


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Get the Training You Need to Begin Earning Life-of-Account Residual Commissions

As with all types of careers in consulting, in order to earn, YOU NEED TO KNOW YOUR STUFF! And the way to learn all about factoring and how to successfully broker transactions and refer business to America’s 500+ broker friendly factors is through IACFB’s Factoring 101 Program.

In an industry where broker training can cost as much as $65,000 for a week of live training sessions, IACFB’s (The International Association of Commercial Finance Brokers) Factoring 101 Program sets the standard for comprehensive yet affordable training for those that consider themselves self-starters and mobile creatives.  And the program’s cornerstone is our 5-star rated, 200+ page Factoring 101: Brokers Guide to Factoring.

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