Marketing Your Real Estate Deals

Posted on Feb 27 2017 - 8:21pm by Lance Edwards


gibbs-picBy Jamel Gibbs —  Unless you’ve been stuck under a rock, you would know that there is a whole lot of money to be made in the current real estate market.

Investors everywhere are taking advantage of this market and I’m about to show you a 3 day plan that you can use to find motivated sellers so you can make the big bucks too.

So what’s the 3 day plan about?

Well, it’s simple! It’s a plan that will allow you to swamp your investment area and get massive results. I will admit, it is labor intensive, but the bottom line is… it works!!!

In this post, I’m going to give you a step by step fool proof plan to bring in motivated sellers. If you follow these simple instructions, your motivated seller leads will have a dramatic increase. Let’s get right into it…

Day #1

From this point out, what I would like for you to do is consider following this 3 day plan to finding motivated seller leads. It is a very simple plan and if implemented into your business it will bring in a ton of traffic. And obviously the more motivated seller leads you have, the more deals you get.  And we all know that more deals means more money in your pocket.

Anyway, the first thing that I need you to do is pick three days during the week that you can take 2 hours out to scout your farming area.

Keep in mind that if you don’t have the time, then maybe you can hire a college student to do this for you.

FYI… If you decide to hire a college kid, you can offer them $8 an hour for 8 hours a week.

That will only cost you $64 a week… PEANUTS!!! Plus it’s a write off.

You can find these college students a number of ways:








  1. Go down to your local college or university and get permission to post a help wanted flyer on the bulletin board.
  2. Post an ad in the local newspaper in the help wanted section.
  3. Post an ad on in the “Gig Offered Section”


Back to the Plan…

Make sure you pick 3 days that you can make either yourself or your assistant available.

The next thing that I want you to do is go to your local gas station and pick up a map of your area.  Or, you can go online and print out a map. Now, on the map I want you to highlight your farming area.  If you have more than one farming area, then I want you to highlight all of the areas.

Once you highlight the areas that you’re interested in investing in, I want you to pick a starting point where you can start searching for motivated sellers. I recommend starting on the outskirts of the area and then working your way in.

NOTE: Try to start off doing 5 FULL streets a week.

During the first day here’s what I want you to do…

On the 5 streets that you picked for the week I want you to go to every laundry mat, deli, super market, coffee shop, gas station, etc. and ask the manager if you can leave a couple of flyers for people to pick up.

If your aggressive, then you can ask the manager if you can hang one of the flyers in the bathroom by the hand drier or by the vending machine!!!

Next, I want you to scout the 5 streets for the week to see if you can find one of the following…

  1. Vacant Properties and FSBO’s
  2. Properties in Need of Rehab

You can tell if a property is vacant if there aren’t any curtains in the windows, the grass in the front of the house is more than 12 inches long, there are newspapers and other things sitting on the porch or in front of the house, there are boards on the windows, and if there is trash in front of the house. There are other ways to tell if a property is vacant, but those are the basics.

Now as far as being able to tell if a property needs some rehab, it’s very simple. Ask yourself these questions…

  • Does the paint around the windows and on the house (in general) look like its being kept up?
  • Is the lawn well kept, or does it need some work?
  • Do the gutters need to be replaced?
  • How does the roof look if you’re standing across the street from the property?
  • If there are stairs, how is the condition of them?
  • How is the condition of the brick or siding on the house?
  • And finally, how is the condition of the fence or gate?

Be sure to take down each address for the type of properties that I mentioned. Also check off the streets that you have done, and mark down the date it was received.

All of this should be done on the first working day of your choice.

Once you’re done scouting the first 5 streets, go back to your office or home and implement the addresses into an excel spread sheet.


Then I want you to find out who the owners of the properties you found are. You can do this by going online to and in the
search bar insert tax assessor’s office+ [your county].  Or you can simply use a site called

When you get on your county tax assessor’s site, look for a link that says property parcel search. From that point out all you have to do is follow the directions and you will find the property owner.  If your county doesn’t allow you to search for properties on their site, then either you or your intern can go down to the tax assessor’s office in your county and look up the property owner’s there.

Just tell the clerk that you’re doing some research and wanted to know who the owners of your property addresses were. They have to give you the information because it’s public records.

The whole idea is to get the name and REAL address (mailing address) of the property owner. Then all you have to do is send the owner a letter expressing your interest in the property. Let them know that you have been by the property and noticed that it was vacant.

Also let them know that you are interested in making them an offer on the property.

That’s it for day 1!!!

In part 2, I will reveal the other 2 SOLID strategies that you can implement in order to complete the motivated seller marketing plan.  Be sure to check it out.

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