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scottginsberg-approachableleaderwebCreate Routine, Expend Brain Power on What’s Important

Could you imagine wearing the same exact shirt, pair of pants, and shoes every single day? What about eating the same exact breakfast every morning? Entrepreneur Scott Ginsberg said a consistent routine every single day has made a huge impact on his productivity.

“It’s all about the economy of effort,” Ginsberg said.

“If you can outsource all these stupidly mundane tasks to a routine, your brain is free to focus on the products you are creating, talking to your clients, or this interview, for example. I am able to focus because I dumped all my dumb thoughts during yoga.”

The decision to adhere to a mindless routine puts the entrepreneur on autopilot, and also serves as a means of reducing stress in making decisions where they aren’t as fruitful.

“It is sort of like a David Allen Getting Things Done thing,” he said. “It relieves your brain of the necessity of remembering.”

5 Lessons from Scott Ginsberg

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– Create Routine, Expend Brain Power on What’s Important

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