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scottginsberg-approachableleaderwebGet ‘Tunnel’ Vision for Your Business Plan

When Scott Ginsberg moved to New York in 2011, one of the greatest discoveries of his new habitat were the tunnels which led him to a park near his Brooklyn home.

“They are an incredible architectural series of tunnels,” he said. “They are fun to walk through, they are beautiful to look at. They were built in the 1860s, and they have incredible acoustics, very ambient like a church.”

Just as with the nametag, Ginsberg said he has a strong opportunity agenda, and decided he would come back to the tunnels every Saturday to play guitar.

What began as a weekend ritual of playing for the passerby at the top of his lungs became a phenomenon he documents in his new documentary, “Tunnel of Love.” (You can see the film for free here.)

“I’d make a whopping $10 in tips, but I didn’t care because I knew I had something special,” he said.
More than just the entertainment that is gained through the documentary, Ginsberg said entrepreneurs can walk away with inspiration for business.

“If you watch the movie, which is free, what you’ll see is more than just a songwriter and some cool music, but ‘Oh, I could do this in my neighborhood. I could do this on the Internet,’” Ginsberg said.

“I could build this platform, and build my own momentum, and people will show up if I keep sticking around.’”

5 Lessons from Scott Ginsberg

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