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scottginsberg-approachableleaderwebEfficiency is About What You Don’t Do

“People make productivity, simplicity, efficiency way more complex then it needs to be,” Scott Ginsberg said, when it comes to improving your work flow. “Just stop doing stuff.”

Scott said this principle became more evident to him when he attended a friend’s conference on efficiency, but not how you’d expect.

“The ideas she was sharing, people loved and were writing down notes. I was looking around the room, and I was sort of like, ‘I already do this stuff,’” he said.

“No offense to my friend, but I sort of tuned her out and started writing my next book. Four hours later, I looked up and realized I had six chapters finished.

“I started having little moments like that, and I was like, ‘What am I doing?’”

Rather than focus on apps or finding a tool or resource to keep you efficient, Scott has a better idea.

“Get a couple of sticky notes, and write, ‘Is what I’m doing consistent with my No. 1 goal?’” he said. “Stick it on your computer or work station. If it’s not, just don’t do it.”

5 Lessons from Scott Ginsberg

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– Efficiency is About What You Don’t Do

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