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scottginsberg-approachableleaderwebFind Your Motivation

If you want to really make a difference in your business and how you work, finding your motivation is important. Dog treats, Scott Ginsberg discovered, might just do the trick.

While working with Nestle Purina, the producers of the Beggin’ Strips line of smoky bacon dog treats, Scott used the product’s popular 90s commercial to illustrate the point to help employees identify their own motivations.

“If you think back when the Beggin’ Strips commercial came out, you’re watching the commercial through the perspective of the dog,” he said. “Each one of us has a version of bacon in our life. When we smell that thing, that bacon, the motivation is neither here nor there.”

Scott said he has struggled with being proactive in conversation, preferring people to come to him. But, while that could hold him, he has found a way around it through his chief motivator: writing.

“Writing is the thing that motivates and excites me,” he said, “So I embed writing into the process of communicating with others.”

For example, each and every week, Scott and his wife will write long, detailed letters about how they are feeling. Where their communication could have suffered, Scott found a way to leverage something he loves into something that is more tedious for him.

If that doesn’t work, of course, Scott could always eat a Beggin’ Strip, which the entrepreneur admits he’s done before.

“Just add a little hot sauce,” he laughs. “They’re good stuff.”

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