Think of It as Your “Invisibility Cloak”

Posted on Dec 13 2017 - 6:30pm by 2!xMyNQ#FV8h4U

at-conference-tableHow much is your privacy worth to you?

Think about it. One piece of information often leads to another. That leads to another. Like assembling a jigsaw puzzle, the more pieces that fit together, the clearer the picture becomes.

There are people out in the world who make their living putting together your picture . . . financial and other wise.

How do you stop the puzzle pieces from coming together? You do it through control of your privacy.

And how do you control your privacy? My friend Mr. Land Trust®, Randy Hughes, has written the book on it.

Randy has invested time, experimentation and research into writing what is probably the only book of its kind on the planet. It’s the instruction manual on how to protect your privacy.

Randy’s book, Privacy and Asset Protection; Your Right to Privacy in the Digital Age is now version 3.0. In the book’s 14 sections, and 200+ pages, Randy covers

  • “A private family is a safe family.” Privacy starts with your family, and how to get them involved;
  • Responses you can use when you are asked for your Social Security Number;
  • How a Lawsuit Begins, including how to stop it;
  • Insulating your business from employee lawsuits;
  • How to find a good lawyer, with tips on Negotiating Fees and Expenses;
  • How to use Insurance as an Asset Protection device  ̶  including a Bonus Section with Questions for your Advisors;
  • Dealing with the I.R.S., The Real Interrogation Specialists

Randy’s got privacy covered!

There’s more! This latest-and-greatest edition has an update on computer privacy, written by a nationally-recognized cybersecurity expert who was responsible for catching the notorious John MacAfee (inventor of the MacAfee computer security program).

People who get the book are also eligible to receive Randy’s exclusive, FREE, Financial Statement Form. It’s true; You can still satisfy banks and lenders, without revealing to them essential details about your assets. Randy offers a blank version of the Financial Statement form he uses included with the book, for your use, as well as recommendations on how to fill it in your information.

This is just some of what he’s included in his book, and both he and I want you to have it all. That’s why I asked Randy to offer it to you at a special low price, and he agreed!

So, ask yourself again: How much is your privacy worth? You’ll agree it’s worth buying Privacy and Asset Protection; Your Right to Privacy in the Digital Age and acting on what you learn in it.

To your success,

Randy Hughes