Where Can I Get Apartment Owner Information in My County?

Posted on Apr 6 2015 - 6:57pm by Brandon De Hoyos

Terri Dobbs Tip: One of the most often asked questions when getting started in small apartments is how to find apartment owners who might be interested in either selling their current properties or buying a new apartment deal. Terri Dobbs, First Cornerstone Group, LLC.’s real estate coach, shares her recommendations with Deals & Dollars Weekly below:

“I heard of one county that charges $44,500 for a list of apartments in their county,” Dobbs said. “That’s just laughable. When I told [real estate entrepreneur] Lance [Edwards] about that, he laughed as if someone was going to pay that kind of money. We don’t know anyone who would. But, we will tell you what we use: ProspectNow.com.”

Dobbs said ProspectNow.com’s Elizabeth Aghassi offers a wealth of information as a list broker that has helped First Cornerstone Group deliver direct mail campaigns for Lance Edwards’ apprentice-level clients.

“There is one caveat, however, to using them as with other list brokers,” Dobbs warns. “They do not cover all counties in the USA because those counties do not offer that data anyways. They simply have no way to give the data out, and it’s not possible on their website. Come to find out, ProspectNow.com does not have access to that data, either. They are not sharing the data with these list brokers.”

You can reach Elizabeth Aghassi at (650)397-5352, or by emailing eaghassi@prospectnow.com