How a Basement Turned into 5K per Month Cash Flow!


duncan-articleBy Duncan Wierman  –  Have you heard of AirBnB?   This new social house sharing site is Awesome!    Maybe you heard about it, and are you considering it to make extra money or even a full-time income? If so we have an exciting webinar that is jammed packed with tips and tricks to help you on your way to success.


We  wanted to experiment with creating, even more, ways to make money with Airbnb.


We put two army type cots in a basement, created a Pirate Themed room, and the results were amazing.  We made over 5K in one month!


I decided to put my tree house to the task. Voila.. Once again, even more, money.  We turned a shed into a tiny house experiment … 10K


I can’t wait until I get my Yurt to put in my backyard. that is sure to be a winner.


All it takes is a small space and some creative theming and marketing and you are off to the races!


Would you like to find out more?


Join us this week for our webinar



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Who Is Duncan Wierman, and why you should listen to him.

In short,  Duncan Wierman is a Real Estate Investor  who uses Internet Marketing, Social Media and Mobile Marketing to find more  Motivated Sellers, Hungry Buyers, and Private Money to do more deals faster.


As a marketing strategist,  Duncan combines internet marketing strategies with social media and mobile marketing.


His experience as a software company CEO along with his strong background in sales and marketing,  has allowed him to create new revenue opportunities and company sales records.


Duncan understands the usability and how people interface online, which literally translates into understanding how the common internet user interacts with websites.


One of his favorite sayings is,  “If you build it they won’t come, you have to make them come“.  This is very true in the world of internet and social media marketing.  Just because you have a great product, doesn’t mean that people are going to know about it.  Duncan works with real estate investors across the nation  to enhance their social media and internet presence.  Duncan sees to it that their marketing message is consistent to generate more leads.


Besides investing in real estate, he is currently active:

* Helping clients create strategic social media and mobile marketing campaigns.
* Guiding clients to  create a plan of actions how to succeed in real estate.
* Teaching his clients how to research their target marketing and prospects.
* Conducting seminars, one-on-one consulting and webinars dealing specifically with social media techniques and branding.


If your company requires the following:

1. Motivated sellers, hungry buyers or private money lenders
2. Internet Marketing Social Media or Mobile Marketing Planning for a consistent message….


Then Duncan is your one stop shop!


“Consistent execution from day to day is difficult. We find most business owners spend most of their time running the operational end of the business and dropping the ball on the marketing side.” – Duncan Wierman


Duncan Wierman Specialties:

  • – Online and Offline Marketing
  • – Lead Generation
  • – Wholesaling, Lease Options, REOs, and Joint Ventures
  • – Multifamily Apartment Investing


Skills include:

  • – Social Media Marketing
  • – Social Media Lead Generation
  • –  Media Consultant
  • – Mobile Marketing Consulting
  • – Delivering Internet Marketing Seminars


Let Duncan show you how to avoid the traps and pitfalls which are all too common in the business of creative and strategic real estate online and virtual real estate investing


Duncan is the key to your door of your success.