Lou Castillo Bio


castillo2Lou Castillo is a tremendously experienced real estate investor who has wholesaled and renovated hundreds of homes over his career. Over the last 10 years he has shared his techniques and strategies with other investors so they can enjoy the same joy and freedom that investing has provided to him.


Although Lou earned his M.B.A. and was climbing the corporate ladder with American Express he longed for an opportunity to spend more time home with his family rather than traveling for work. After a late night infomercial sparked his interest in real estate Lou dug deep into rehabbing his first property and never looked back. In fact after just a short time in the business Lou replaced his full time income and he retired from his corporate job at 37 to fully pursue his new passion: real estate investing.


Lou has been successfully investing in real estate since the early 90’s and has controlled over $30 Million of real estate over that time with hundreds of successful transactions under his belt including everything from gut level rehabs to “paint-and-carpet” touch-ups; from his favorite strategy – fast turn wholesales of both “pretty” and “ugly” houses to lease-options, rentals, and more.


He believes the best way to buy property is using none of your own money or tying up any of your own credit. He has bought and sold using owner financing, subject to financing; hard money, and built a $1.7 Million private lender portfolio.


Lou helps his clients create real businesses that generate real profits as fast as possible while absorbing the least amount of risk possible. His approach with mentoring and coaching clients is education first, then proper planning and massive implementation. Nothing happens without implementation and that’s why Lou zeroes in on showing you step-by-step what to do during each step of the business building process.


Lou’s style is down-to-earth and he is easy to talk to and that transfers into his training as well. He customizes his mentoring for each client based on their experience, their goals and objectives; their resources; and their desires. You’ll discover that Lou is both approachable and accessible – he provides his Clients unlimited access to talk and ask questions.

Lou believes that success and abundance begins with your mindset. He has found that the common denominator between all successful clients comes down to their initial beliefs about their success. It seems that without the right mindset everything else is futile. For this reason he has started teaching mindset transformation skills. Change your mind…change your results. It’s that simple.

Lou is also a 2nd degree black belt in Goju karate and loves to spend his free time with his family.