Who is Mark Ferguson?

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consultingMark Ferguson’s purpose is to help as many people as he can become financially free through real estate.

Mark Ferguson is a Realtor, real estate investor, author and the creator of Investfourmore.com. Mark’s real estate team sells hundred of homes a year, he has flipped over 100 houses, owns 16 rental properties and has written five books. Investfourmore.com is a real estate blog with over 300,000 views a month, over 20,000 subscribers and a wealth of free information.

Mark created Invest Four More in March of 2013 to show investors how to invest in rental properties. The blog became popular very quickly and Mark expanded the topics he wrote about to include flipping houses and becoming a real estate agent.

While Mark loves to write and help others invest, he still actively invests and shares his journey through his articles. Mark has been investing since 2001 and has also been an agent since 2001. He has seen the ups of the real estate industry and survived the housing crisis thanks to his solid investing strategies.

There are many real estate gurus in the online space who talk about buying with no money down, buying with no credit and making easy money in real estate. These programs and guru’s are more interested in taking easy money from consumers, than they are teaching people real, usable strategies in real estate.

Mark did not create Invest Four More to cater to the easy money crowd. Mark feels real estate investing the right way is not easy, it takes hard work, discipline and patience. He feels it is a good thing that real estate investing is not easy, because if it were, there would not be so much up side for the investors who put in the hard work.

Historically Mark averages:

  • Over $30,000 profit on each flip he completes
  • Over $8,000 a month income from his rental properties
  • Over $600,000 gross commissions per year on his real estate team
  • Over 200,000 unique visitors to Invest Four More every month

These returns and profits do not come from secret, unknown, get rich quick schemes. They come from knowing the fundamentals, knowing them better than anyone else, and execution.

Mark has created coaching programs for real estate investors and real estate agents to show them how to make solid investments that will pay off over time. Mark also loves to teach business and time management as he is a proud father of 4 year old twins. With four extremely successful businesses he only works about 40 hours a week. He would work less, but he loves what he does.

Invest Four More has become a household name for many real estate investors. Mark hosts a weekly podcast, has a discussion forum, over 400 free articles and a popular YouTube channel.

You may see Mark and his Lamborghini throughout the blog as he is an avid car enthusiast. He did not rent the car to make himself look successful like some late night real estate infomercial specialists. He has dreamed of owning a Lamborghini since he was 6 and was able to buy a 1999 Diablo in 2014. He chronicled his journey of buying the car throughout the year and made a public goal to buy the car in 2013.

Mark likes to see all his assets grow. The Lamborghini, which was purchased for $126,000 in 2014 is worth close to $200,000 in the beginning of 2016. Mark is also an open book about investing, business, attitude and mindset. One of the things he attributes buying the car too, was not letting society or others tell him what he should or should not want in life. But to let his heart and soul decide what he loved.

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Email: Mark@investfourmore.com

Address: 1110 38th Ave #1, Greeley, Co 80634

Phone: 970 371 6333 (Please do not call this number if you are a real estate investor or agent looking for advice. This number is only for media inquiries. For all other inquiries please email)

Mark loves to educate and help others. He’s been in the trenches, and currently still is, and he isn’t simply interested in selling programs about real estate. It’s his passion to share his knowledge and experience so others around the nation can succeed in real estate, as he has. Mark is honored to share that on every platform he can.

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Mark Ferguson has a Podcast show he does every week with thousands of downloads per episode.

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How to Make it Big as a Real Estate Agent: The right systems and approaches to cut years off your learning curve and become successful in real estate. Paperback – June 7, 2016











Fix and Flip Your Way To Financial Freedom: Finding, Financing, Repairing and Selling Investment Properties. Kindle Edition


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