Long Term Loans for Real Estate Investment Properties – This is Getting Fun!

Posted on Aug 10 2016 - 9:07pm by Lance Edwards


cc-logo-04By Lane O’Bryon — I know that we are all working so hard and it’s sometimes easy to forget why we do and what it’s all for.

Well, I got a healthy reminder yesterday when I was giving what I thought was going to be a pretty routine interview to a group that has an awesome program about an incredible way to find off market real estate deals that really does work.

The guy who was interviewing me (Jim H.) is the creator of that system and is also someone that I’ve known professionally for some time now, but I don’t think he ever realized exactly what it is that I do.

So, as we were going through and I was telling him about some of the new lending programs and sources that we have direct access to, he got so excited that it was almost embarrassing.

At first, I thought maybe even it was a bit of an act, but I spoke to him after the call and found out that the programs that I was talking about were EXACTLY what he needed and has never been able to find for his portfolio. AND he knew how many people in his sphere of influence need these as well.

What programs and sources am I talking about?

Well without getting into all of the details here, we have finally found and created a direct relationship with a source that will do Long Term Loans for Real Estate Investment Properties!

So what? You say.


They will do their loan at 75% of CURRENT VALUE after you’ve owned the property for ONLY 30 DAYS!

Meaning, you theoretically purchase a property for $100K, put in some rehab, and refinance in 30 days at 75% of the NEW VALUE!!

Not only that, but the RATES are excellent and the term is 30 yrs.

And… they will go as low as $25K for loan amount which NO ONE ELSE DOES!

This was just one of the many programs that we discussed and there are many more unique and hard to find programs like that one that we have found.

For Example:

We have sources for almost any scenario in commercial, multifamily and much more. Our sources are all hand-selected and MUST be very unique, competitive, and difficult to find through traditional methods!

Long Term Blanket Loans, High Leverage/Low cost Fix and Flip, Ground up construction, Lines of Credit, and on and on!

We are Capital Connection, and our mission is CONNECT YOU directly with the absolute BEST POSSIBLE Sources in the Nation for WHATEVER your specific real estate needs are!

This is not a gimmick or hype; it’s just a new business model that focuses our years of experience in finding, vetting and delivering the best lending sources in the nation.

Go HERE now and find out why Jim and many others are pretty fired up about this…