3 Salt Water Fishing Super Tips

Posted on Feb 16 2015 - 5:51pm by 2!xMyNQ#FV8h4U

Julie Houston - Fishing Expert

Managing Editor’s Note: When Julie Houston isn’t busy at First Cornerstone Group arranging interviews for Deals & Dollars Weekly and coordinating joint ventures for Lance Edwards, she is an avid fisherwoman most recently featured in Texas Saltwater Fishing magazine. This week, Julie shares her tips and her passion for seeking the catch of the day.

3 Salt Water Fishing Tips You Need to Know

Timing is Everything: Not only is summer a great time for salt water fishing, Julie says, but the time of day is key, too. “Get up early before the sun hits the water. The fish come higher to the surface when it is cooler,” she said. “The hotter it gets, the harder it is to catch them.”

“You can also fish at sundown,” she adds.

The Bait Debate: Julie says she used both live and plastic bait, but the key is to know when to use them. “The live is always better,” she says, “but if the fish are hitting, I will stay with the plastic near the surface of the water.”

Reel Recommendation: What does First Cornerstone Group’s fishing guru use when she’s out on the boat? “Penn Battle 3000 spinning reel…it has never let me down,” she quips.

Have a question for Julie? Reach her at julie.houston@fcgllc.com.