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5 Things You Need to Do to Avoid Hiring the Wrong Contractor

Posted on Mar 4 2019 - 6:26am by 2!xMyNQ#FV8h4U
Find the right person to get your projects done.

By ABC Supply ( Article —  Hiring the right contractor is easier said than done. You’ll want a contractor who’s familiar with multifamily properties and can make recommendations that add value to your building. The following tips can help you find the right contractor for the job.

1. Connect With Local Organizations
Contact your local apartment association to learn about qualified contractors in your area who regularly work on multifamily projects. Many apartment associations also offer events throughout the year where contractors and other service companies showcase what they offer. Take your research even further by contacting the Better Business Bureau to ensure no complaints have been made against the contractor.

2. Request Work Samples
Not every contractor has experience with multifamily properties, so ask for examples of previous work they’ve done that’s similar to your project. A professional contractor can provide references and a photo portfolio of previous work that will prove whether they can handle the job.

3. Understand the Estimate
Don’t automatically hire the cheapest contractor. You want the job done right, and there’s more to the right contractor than just cost—knowledge, experience, and service are just as important. Before committing to a contractor, be sure you understand what’s included in their estimate. That way, you won’t be surprised by any additional charges that could come up. Receiving a thorough, organized estimate is also a sign that the contractor is a professional, and they should be open to walking you through every detail.

4. Ask the Right Questions
Before hiring a contractor, have an initial conversation to get to know more about their business and how they work. Ask the following questions:

  • Are you licensed? Different states and counties have different licensing requirements. Knowing the contractor’s license number may allow you to verify whether any claims have been made against them.
  • What’s your anticipated time line? Ask the contractor to provide a specific time for when they’d be able to start and finish your project. The building industry is booming, so many contractors are very busy and may not be able to start or complete a job as quickly as you think.
  • What does the payment process look like? Find out how the contractor would like to be paid. While it’s common for contractors to require a down payment, you should never pay for the work in full before it’s complete.

5. Ask for Help
Finding the right contractor can be a daunting task. With over 700 locations nationwide, ABC Supply is a building products distributor that has both expert knowledge and relationships with local contractors. If you’re not sure where to start your search, contact your local ABC Supply branch to be connected with vetted contractors in your area.

By following these tips, you can avoid choosing the wrong contractor for your next building or renovation project.