About Lendition

Posted on Mar 22 2017 - 6:39pm by Lance Edwards



Ricciardo_HeadshotLendition takes a different approach to helping small businesses. They specialize in helping businesses achieve the capital funding needed to operate and grow their operations. The executive team has over two decades of financial expertise and offer a wide array of financial services to provide small to mid sized businesses.  Every member of the team, starting at the executive level, is committed to providing a personalized service like no other.  They strive to develop a close professional relationship with their clients.

Trusted by Businesses
The principals have built their reputation on expertise and relationships.  They have positioned themselves as a trusted source of information for businesses nationwide, not only on capital products, but on advances and business loans.  With this high-profile position comes an increased strain on customer service and a pressure to remain one-step ahead of the competition, when it comes to meeting clients’ needs.

Their clients vary from recent graduates with award winning business plans, real estate investors, individuals looking to start a home-based business, or retirees with a vision and experience to pursue their lifelong goals. They are honored to be a part of aiding in restoring the backbone of the American Economy!

Immediate Future
Lendition is set to emerge as the market leader in the business financial services sector through a diverse team with an understanding that client’s success is the number one goal. Offering an array of financial capital services and products to businesses, help business owners reach their vision of entrepreneurship and save money allowing them to remain competitive in an ever changing financial environment.

To learn more, obtain funding, or learn how you can work with Lendition, please visit: www.Lendition.com or reach out to Anthony Ricciardo, CEO at: aricciardo@lendition.com