Advanced Tax Tactics – Introduction

Posted on Apr 12 2017 - 9:33pm by Lance Edwards


forfucksakeThe IRS is your major impediment to financial success and security. The only way you can control them is to know and use their own laws.  The number of “tax shelters” has steadily decreased over the past several decades. There are less than a dozen legitimate tax shelters in the IRS Code today.

This course will show you how to use some of the lesser known tax shelters and tax tips. You may not recognize some tax shelters as “shelters.” For example, your personal residence is a great tax shelter. And you may not have realized that retirement plans and benefit plans are two of the other few remaining tax shelters.

The problem is that your real estate agent and stock brokerage interested in selling you a house and investing your money in a retirement plan. They aren’t looking at the tax aspects of what is happening, and they don’t look at the house and retirement plan as a special tax shelter. If things you are already doing, such as the simple purchase of a house, can be structured to take maximum advantage of the tax laws, you will end up with a lot more wealth down the road and into the future.

With any investment, the first question you need to ask is, “What is the tax?” Which is better, a 4% return tax free or a 7% return with a hefty tax?

In this Advanced Tax Tactics course, I will show you why taxes are so devastating, probably beyond what you imagine. I will show you why most attorneys, CPAs, and financial advisors don’t help you with your tax burden.

I can predict where taxes are headed in the future (that’s a no-brainer), and show you what you can do today to help cut your tax burden in the future.

There are basically two sets of tax laws in the United States–one that rich people use and one that everybody else uses. If you are going to be rich, which set of laws do you have to use? Obviously, the laws designed to protect the rich.  You can use those laws, but you have to have somebody show you how to use them.

The tax war is a war you have to fight every day. It isn’t something you only think about in the middle or December or at the end of March.  You’ve got to “create” the numbers your tax preparer will plug into the holes on the tax forms. You need to be creating those numbers in your favor throughout the year.

Once you have a broader understanding of the tax theory and basic techniques for lowering your taxes, I will give you some Advanced Tax Tactics that I think most folks can use. The ten tax tips you read in the paper or magazine around the end of the year or at tax time are pretty much worthless tips that only one in a thousand people can use. I’ve tried really hard in this Advanced Tax Tactics course to give you the good stuff your accountant probably hasn’t told you about.

I’d love to hear back from you about any concerns you have that I could address in future updates. Let’s work together in the tax war, and spread the word. Feel free to share the link to my Free Ten Tax Tips to get your friends started.

Keep an eye out for money saving bonuses on other courses I have to help you keep more of your hard earned money and protect your assets.