Top 3 Prospects for Wholesaling Small Apartments

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Lance Edwards

Lance Edwards addresses who you can wholesale your small apartment and multi-family deals to in this video lesson from his No. 1 Best-Selling Book, How to Make Big Money in Small Apartments.” 

Real estate investors, especially those interested in apartment investments, are not usually hard to find, Lance says. If you’re already wholesaling single-family homes, you probably already know some of them. If you’re new, it’s not going to take long to find them.

Ready to find out who they are? Scroll below to meet these top prospects for your multi-family properties…

In This Lesson, You Will Learn:

  • Three groups of people interested in buying small apartment investments
  • Why these people are natural fits for your apartment wholesaling business
  • Why you should add small apartments if you are investing in single-family homes

These three groups are all easily accessible and definable, just as the group of small apartments out there are definable and accessible. It is simply a matter of finding the deals and dollars, and then matchmaking these groups.

The top 3 prospects for your small apartment investments are:

  • Single-family home investors and buyers
  • Small business owners, and
  • Self-directed IRA investors

Why Single-Family Home Investors, Buyers Are Interested

We’re going to be wholesaling to the same people who buy house deals. Single-family landlords are among the biggest group interest in buying small apartments because they are looking for passive income, and they have gotten tired of managing houses. They have come to realize that is a lot of work.

The benefit to the single-family home landlord is that small apartments allow them the flexibility and the profits where they can hire a property management company so they can get themselves out of the management business.

Small Business Owners Need an Escape Plan

Small business owners are looking to escape the rat race and build passive income to retire on. What they come to realize is they do not have a business, they have a job and they work for themselves without an escape plan. Small apartments allow small business owners to build that passive income.

Self-Directed IRA Investors Want Retirement Options

Your small apartment or multi-family investment property offers self-directed IRA investors yet another retirement plan outside of investing in stocks. You can find small apartments, put them under contract and flip them to the IRA holders, or you can get them to become investors in apartment deals and you hold the property yourself.

Why You Need to Add Small Apartments to Your Business

If you are already wholesaling houses and have a buyer’s list for your house deals, you absolutely need to add small apartments because its like adding another profit center and you can market to the same buyer’s groups right now. Why not get bigger checks for what you are already doing right now?

If you are making money in houses, don’t stop. Just add another profit center by wholesaling multi-family properties to the three groups we’ve discussed above.

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