How to Flip Houses Risk Free…and Find Plenty of Leads

Posted on Apr 18 2016 - 8:57pm by Lance Edwards

3ofusHi there! I’m Ben Clardy.

Let me start off by making a bold claim: I’ve successfully bought and sold over 300 houses in the Atlanta market! Now, while it feels good to be able make that claim – I must confess that it wasn’t always as impressive as it sounds. In the beginning, there was actually a period of nearly 2 years where I didn’t make a single dime, and TRUST ME, it wasn’t for lack of trying! Still, through persistence and commitment I was able to bring the pieces together and create a profitable and effective Real Estate business.

Now, that I’ve figured out what it takes to build and run a Real Estate business I am able to invest my time into my TRUE passion: TEACHING! I get a lot of enjoyment out of helping others achieve success in Real Estate. I think a huge part of that is because I understand the trials, the challenges, and the emotional roller-coaster ride that a person has to endure as they figure out how to actually MAKE MONEY in Real Estate. Sure – “the gurus” make it sounds easy, but when it really comes down to it, there’s really only a few things that have to be mastered in order to make huge business-building steps in your own business.

us_20150619143620Ever since I really got some traction in my own business, I’ve been continually asked by other people if I can help them in their businesses. There was a span of time when I spent the vast majority of my waking hours mentoring and coaching people through Real Estate deals. I really enjoyed teaching people one on one, but I always felt bad having to turn people away simply because I didn’t have enough time to take on new students. THAT’S WHY I began to think of ways that I could reach a larger audience – but also be able to teach the same lessons that I provided in one-on-one coaching.

The solution was to record, edit, and produce my Real Estate lessons in video format. This way, I can give people the same high-quality, relevant, focused information that they would receive if they were a personal student. The lesson material is the same, the quality is the same – the only different is that the lessons are recorded. I still walk the student slowly through the steps required to build their business and close deals – only in video format!

Now, what I did is that I created 3 video courses that focus on where most people tend to struggle the most. From the years that I’ve been working with people, their troubles tend to come from one of these 3 areas:

PROBLEM #1: Not enough incoming motivated seller leads

PROBLEM #2: Lacking a strong client network (AKA Buyers List)

PROBLEM #3: Inability to make offers and get contracts accepted.

The nice thing is that you can pick and choose the course or courses that will best address the areas of your business that could use the most help. In this way, you can skip straight to the course that will be MOST EFFECTIVE for you and your Real Estate business!

Here’s a breakdown of my 3 Real Estate Courses:

Wholesale Real Estate Contracts: Flip Houses Risk Free


Gain immediate access to 7 Wholesale Real Estate Contracts that I’ve developed over the last decade to turn houses into money. This contract package will give you the ability to control Real Estate deals all the way to the closing table while also keeping you safe and risk-free.

Are your current Real Estate contracts up to snuff?

Do you worry about losing your Earnest Money deposits?

Can you EFFECTIVELY control deals with both Buyers AND Sellers?

Are you scared of making offers for fear of making BIG mistakes?

Within my course, I will slowly walk you through each and contract, line by line. This way you will truly understand why each line is there, why it’s important, and what it can do for you. You see, everything is there for a reason. Whether it’s to help you get offers accepted, to control the deals, or to protect you from liability – everything has a purpose, and you’ll be a far more effective Investor by knowing the ins-and-outs of each contract.

You just don’t get this kind of hand-holding anywhere else. Where else are you going to get a full set of contracts that are proven, effective, and used DAILY to turn houses into money.

The answer is NOWHERE ELSE. This is the place.

Get the course now. Simply sign up, enroll, and you’ll gain instant access to all of the course material. If that’s not enough, you can take full advantage of a 30-day money-back guarantee.


PS: Here’s a quick story… When I first started off, it took me over a year and a half to even get my first house under contract. Yeah – it’s embarrassing to admit. Why did it take me so long? FEAR. I was scared of making a mistake that would result in a lawsuit. Simple as that. I conquered my fear by gaining an understanding in how contracts can protect me from liability. Once I realized that, and had contracts that I could use to control houses RISK FREE, I was off to the races and I’ve gone on to close more than 400 houses! I hope you can benefit from understanding Real Estate contracts as much as I did.

Full details here:

How To Build A Craigslist Real Estate Lead Generating System


Here’s the trouble with Craigslist: 97% of the Real Estate listings are absolute GARBAGE.

If you’ve ever tried to find a good deal on Craigslist then you already know what I mean.

With that being said, there are still amazing Real Estate deals to be had. However, you need a systematic way of sifting out the overwhelming JUNK in order to reveal the few opportunities that are real GEMS.

It’s that unique and valuable ability that my simple system will provide you with.

As Real Estate Entrepreneurs, our businesses are entirely dependent on a steady stream of quality of incoming leads. Without leads – our business dies. Still, there is a very important factor that most people miss out on:

There’s a balance between QUALITY and QUANTITY that effects your results dramatically.

Here’s what I mean –

  • HIGH Volume of LOW Quality Leads = Bad. Inefficient. Dangerous. A Trap.
  • LOW Volume of HIGH Quality Leads = Good. Efficient. Profitable. Freedom.

You see, it’s very beneficial to focus on a smaller pool of leads that will provide you with greater opportunity to profit. As a result, you make MORE money with LESS effort.

I can show you how to build a simple system that will give you a steady supply of HIGH-QUALITY leads from Craigslist, with full-automation, and FREE to maintain.

Using the power of Craigslist and a few other (little known) unique tools, I can show you how to build a simple system that will screen out all the junk, and provide you with top-notch Real Estate leads from the most motivated sellers.

Once your system is built, you can sit back and enjoy a supply of deals that consist of of only the very best available in your market. This course will save you time, make you money, and allow you to focus on only the very best leads in your area.

*** This is the KEY that unlocks your ability to produce quality leads from Craigslist.

Here’s why you’ll benefit from building your own Craigslist Lead-Generating System:

  • It will screen out all the bogus leads – AUTOMATICALLY
  • It will increase your total count of QUALITY incoming leads for your business
  • It will DRASTICALLY improve your efficiency of processing Craigslist Real Estate leads
  • It will provide you with ONLY the most highly-qualified, motivated seller leads
  • It will help to AUTOMATE and SYSTEMATIZE your Real Estate investing business
  • It will give you an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE against your local competitors
  • It will save you money by effectively leveraging a NEVER-ENDING source of leads

This course is delivered in short, bite-sized video lessons. I will personally guide you through the creation, implementation, and tuning of your automatic lead-generating system.

There are no ongoing costs or memberships involved with my course. All of the required components are free and publicly available. Aside from your enrollment fee, everything else required is 100% free in every way!

The system is simple, elegant, effective, and valuable. You’ll be amazed and pleased.


Full Details Here:

How To Build A Real Estate Cash Buyers List


I talk to a lot of people who are struggling with their Real Estate businesses. The frustrating part is that there is a common theme that tends to repeat itself over and over in these conversations.

“I’ve got house deals, but I just can’t get the deals successfully closed”.

… or perhaps …

“I’m scared to make offers because what if I don’t have a Buyer lined up”.

The reason most people struggle to close Real Estate deals, ESPECIALLY wholesale deals, is because they don’t have a strong list of cash buyers. simple as that.

Now, there are people that think they have a strong buyers list, but I’ve found that people often confuse SIZE with QUALITY. You see, you need both to really make things happen.

You can have a tiny list of capable buyers… and still struggle.

You can have a HUGE list of garbage buyers… and still struggle.

The magic happens when you have a MONSTER list of SERIOUS buyers. Is that you? Do you have a rock star buyers list? If not, then I’m positive that you can benefit greatly from my course. Let me tell you a little bit more about it…

  • Learn from an active investor who is closing 10+ deals a month.
  • The methods for growing your buyers list are tested and proven.
  • There’s no prior experience required for you to benefit from the course.
  • The course is delivered in a series of short, to-the-point, instructional videos.
  • Even when the course is completed, you can refer back as a handy resource.
  • Both experienced and new investors alike will benefit from the course.
  • Build your list using both automatic and manual methods of adding buyers.
  • Discover unique methods of finding the most serious buyers in your market.
  • Everything you need for building and growing your buyers list is right here.

The course is largely build around the tried-and-true methods that I utilize in my own Real Estate wholesaling business. Every method can be implemented in any market.

Making easy money by flipping deals to your buyers list is easy – but the benefits of having a KILLER buyers list goes even deeper than that! The opportunities that will come your way by connecting with the serious players in your market are vast and unknown – but some of the best deals I’ve been a part of have come about through the connections I’ve made through building my buyer database.

My buyers list is easily the most valuable asset that I have in my Real Estate investing business. The quality and value of a strong Buyer List is priceless.

For anyone interested in quickly and effectively building out a SERIOUS buyers list – this is the course for you.


Full Details Here:

You Are Covered By A 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee

So there you have it. 3 purpose built Real Estate courses that are built from the ground up to strategically address the areas within your growing Real Estate business that could use the most help and attention. With my courses, you have everything that you need to be monetizing Real Estate deals.

It’s my pleasure to be able to provide such relevant information to people who are working hard to create their own Real Estate business. I know how tough it can be – especially in the beginning. What’s I’ve done is I’ve built my courses to be what I wished I had when I was working so hard to get my start.

I hope you enjoy the courses. I know you’ll get incredible benefit by simply following along and implementing the lessons material contained in each one.


12806165_957816900968319_3104959000771001253_nHere’s What Ben Is Up to Now:

I set up my Real Estate business to run in a fairly automated fashion. Leads come in – offers go out. Houses go under contract – the contracts are turned into money. Yeah… that’s a pretty simplified way of looking at it, but you get the idea.

Now, myself, my wife, and my little 5 year old girl are starting a new adventure of our own. We’re moving aboard a sailboat and will be living in the Bahamas.

I know that sounds crazy – and it probably is, but it’s interesting to think of the possibilities that open up when you build a business that is highly-automated.

I wouldn’t have thought 5 years ago that we would be embarking on such an adventure, but here we are – already well underway towards our ultimate goal of living aboard our sailboat in the Bahamas.

Be inspired.