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Biagio-SciaccaMy Story

Professor Biagio Sciacca, known to his friends as Bill, has one passion; it is to assist organizations in having its employees become as excited about the company’s mission and goals as the executives who designed them. His presentations are solidly backed research presented in a dynamic, readily accessible, and easily discernible format that is conducive for any level of your organization, from boardroom to boiler room.

The information, delivered in a captivating, informative, and vibrant fashion, will reenergize your workforce, revitalize your corporate culture, and reinvigorate the dedication to your company’s vision and mission. Bill’s philosophy on presenting his information is simple: MY BOTTOM LINE IS TO INCREASE YOUR BOTTOM LINE!


Training is Education with an Actionable Outcome.


A company’s success or failure boils down to one word: leadership! The better the leader, the better the company. IMI’s leadership training and coaching processes are designed to infuse current thinking with proven principles. The result, enhanced interpersonal communications, great personal responsibility and a mind and and an eye toward profit maximization.

Sale/Sales Management

Did you ever consider that the way to increase top line, revenue enhancement performance may not be in great sales effectiveness, but in great sale/sales management effectiveness? When increase in sale/sales management are coupled with greater sales productivity, the results can be magical! (As well as profitable!)


The best way to create great leaders is to create great managers. IMI’s management processes dive into the “why’s” of management with an eye toward potential leadership development.

Strategic Management

You know your business. IMI knows the theory and deployment of Strategic Management. Combined we can create a powerful road map for future growth and profitabilit

Training with Intelligent Motivation Inc.

The difference between training and education is that training is education that modifies behavior. Our training is a high-impact, multisensory behavior modification process designed to hit hard, penetrate, and stick!


The beauty of a webinar is that after the initial investment it can be shown over and over to one or many participants within the organization. It can become part of onboarding, coaching, mentoring, or any number of techniques used to enhance employee performance.

New E-Book

GoalsBook is a tool to ensure the reader can accomplish their desires in life. By reading and contemplating the concepts in the book, then following the recommendations of the Author Biagio “Bill” Sciacca, one can achieve anything they can dream


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