Can’t Afford Your Home? Here’s How to Save Your Peace of Mind

Posted on May 25 2016 - 8:52pm by Lance Edwards

unnamed (1)What would you do if your home suddenly become unaffordable?

The reality is our personal home is the largest asset most of us will ever own. But, what happens when you experience job loss, unexpected illness, divorce or death?

These four things and many other factors could push homeowners to a very uncomfortable place where this asset suddenly becomes a burden financially. The threat of foreclosure can be frightening, and the misinformation is everywhere.

Before you find yourself in the worst position, let Nationwide Short Sale and Loan Modifications help ease your fears.

Our personal investment in you and your family’s needs is what sets us apart. We’ll help you navigate the foreclosure process, make sure you know your rights, and help connect you to programs that can get you back on your feet.

Matthew Merenoff is one of the leading experts in short sale negotiations and settlements. With over fifteen years’ experience in the real estate industry, Matt has gained a vast network of support from all aspects of the business which support his success. With a start in the industry as the Director of a national FSBO program, Matt quickly learned about the struggles of the “typical homeowner.” Having led that program through four years of rapid growth, he decided to switch gears and work with those homeowners that were facing the uncertainty of their loan futures.

Matt has a personal motto he works with and that is to treat each case, each file as though it is a family member. His wife lost her family home to foreclosure when she was in college. The devastation of this on her and her family is certainly a driving force behind his motivation in this industry. Matt has gone on to write two workbooks on short sales and has taught over fifty seminars.

He continues to receive notices of thanks from those who have utilized his skills taught through the seminars, one on one coaching and through his workbooks. Attorneys, realtors, homeowners, mortgage professionals, investors and others have been tremendously successful as a result of Matts tutelage.

Unlike with realtors and attorneys who will work to mitigate a short sale or a loan modification, you’ll benefit from our intimate relationships with loan servicers and lenders. In fact, we’ll take care of contact them on your behalf, and help eliminate your need for introductions at the foreclosing attorney office.

We’ll treat you like family and make every effort to help reduce or eliminate liens or judgments on your property that could leave you with unnecessary deficiency judgments or 1099s in the event of a liquidation.

Did we forget to mention we will help you fix your credit, too?

Contact us at 201-574-7199 or 201-215-2238, or check us out online at

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