Consistency Means Just That

Posted on Feb 10 2016 - 11:07pm by Lance Edwards

Manny-Nowak_39112BY MANNY NOWAK— Well, here it is, the middle of February and finally the gym is back to normal.

It is just too crazy those first few weeks of the New Year, right?

All those people who made a commitment to do something healthy in the New Year are simply giving up and going back to business as usual.

It’s a good thing because the gym is just way too crowded when they are all here.

So true, isn’t it?

Whether it is the gym, weight watchers, cold calling or a dozen other things, there is no consistency to most people when it comes to goals in the New Year.

They start strong, but something usually happens.

Ninety percent of those things you said you were going to do this coming year, gone by 1/31 – forgotten forever.

Oh well, there is always next year!

“Stuff happens” as many people say.

No way should you buy into this or be part of it.

You are a star in development – do not get sucked in.

Consistency means you do it every single day, every single week and every single way you can. On and on until it happens in your life.

Yes, it gets boring sometimes, but so what.

Yes, you don’t “feel like it.” You have got to start doing what you need to do, not what you feel like.

This is your year and you are going to make it happen. Let me share 3 keys that can help you be more consistent in all you do.

1. Consistency starts one day at a time.

Don’t say it if you are not going to live it. Don’t say it unless you are committed to making it happen.

It was almost 25 years ago when I finally stopped smoking. However, I almost didn’t make it – again. It was the later part of January and I was ready to have that cigarette. Then, I ran into a good friend of mine who had beaten a nasty drinking habit. He said it very simply to me. “Manny, don’t stop for life, just stop for today. Tomorrow is another day and you can deal with it then.” I stop and have not gone back ever since.

One day at a time creates consistency.

2. Consistency is a “GUT” thing.

You have to feel it and commit to it way down deep.

You have to make a personal commitment that I am going to do this and nothing less is acceptable, period. Most people only commit on the surface.

When I was in Marine Corps boot camp, I made that commitment. No way was I going to go back home without my uniform. No matter how tough it got, it just wasn’t acceptable to quit. Once I did that, it became a way of life.

3. Once you commit to something – accept nothing less.

Consistency is very hard to achieve.

No doubt about it.

Nevertheless, if success were easy, then what fun would it be?

Do you want to be like every one else?

Do you want to be average?

Or do you want to be a superstar?

If you say you are going to do it this year, then follow through and make it happen. You will be amazed by the results.

So, what are you going to do to be consistent in your presentations this year? To be consistently good when you present to a group of people. To close more business. To generate more leads?

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